Sunday, January 12, 2014

Goals For The New Year :)

New Year. New me. Actually, you know what, that's annoying. New year, same me, new memories and goals! That sounds better! I promised and I always deliver (No, I don't, but let's pretend I do).

Writing goals 2014

There are quite a lot of these! Let's begin, shall we?

1. Finish the first draft of my current WIP, Midnight Run. No, that's not a linky thingy. It does sort of look like one, though. I've been working on this one since September 2013, and I would like to have it finished by the end of February. But, it decided to change on me, so I now have totally rework my FMC's back story! Don't you just love when characters do that to you? It's really my villain's fault. No, really! He's my FMC's dad and I'm having to change her back story because I'm changing his back story. I don't know what I'm doing with this story anymore! I'm ready to trash it and work on the sequel instead.

2. Finish the first draft of my other WIP, A Truly Mythical Story. Also, come up with a better title for this one, too. I've been working on it since August 2012. Over a year. It's given me a lot of trouble. I'm ready to be done with it.

3. Develop the plot of the sequel to Midnight Run a little better. I know the basic plot, but I need a more detailed one. I also need to develop the Villain for this one a little better. He is a different one that the villain from the first one.

4. Think about and possibly map out or time line the potential cross-overs I've been thinking about. You can do so much with time travelling characters!

5. Finish my two fairy tale rewrites and decide of I want them to be full-length novels or just short stories. I'm doing a gender switch rewrite of Cinderella and a gender switch rewrite of Jack and the Beanstalk. In both of these, basically every character is the opposite gender and I've added at least one new character that isn't in the original.

6. At least plot out my collection of medieval short stories. I'm not sure if they are going to all be connected, so just stand alones. I'm thinking about making them stand alones. The main reason for this is because on goal #7.

7. Plot and begin my rewrite of the King Arthur tales. I'm changing quite a few things. I may not even try to publish this, but it's something I've wanted to do for a long, long time. I've always loved the tales of King Arthur and Merlin and I want to create my own little version. It won't be the most unpredictable thing, but it will be fun!

8. Decide which of all of my other, unmentioned ideas need to wait and which ones can start being developed.

Personal Goals 2014

1. Complete at least two writing goals.

2. Get in better shape. This one is going to be easy to stick with because my mom is my workout buddy and she never lets me skip a workout.

3. Start thinking about graduating, college, and a career. I want to be a writer (obviously), but I need a career that I will be able to fall back on if the writing doesn't work out, or if it takes a while to really take off.

4. Make new friends. I don't mean "only talk when we see each other" friends. I mean the type of friends that you talk to all of the time whether you get to see each other or not. My two best friends are going off to college this August. They'll both be at least an hour away. One of them might be 4 hours away! So, I need new friends to hang out with while they're at college.  Because I really hate being a loner ;)

5. Try to get over some of the introverted-ness. I'm not too bad, but I won't talk to people unless they talk to me. That makes making friends really hard!

6. Get my driver's license.

7. Maybe get a job.

8. Go to at least one new town/city/state.

Musical Goals 2014

1. Further my piano skills and learn to read sheet music a little better.

2. Get over my fear of playing/singing by myself in front of other people. Seriously, I'll hardly even play or sing in front of my family unless someone is singing with me!

Well, I think those are all of my goals for this year. It's going to be hard, but now I have you guys to make me accountable!


  1. These are seriously awesome (and intense!) goals, Jordan! Go you! I hope you get through them all. I know how it feels to be working on a book for sooo long and you just want to finish it. Argh! That's happened to me a few times. And that's cool that your mum is your workout buddy. ;) I'm my work out gets kind of boring, but I rarely miss a day. (I'm either dedicated or obsessed. Heh. Go figure.) And pssst! I'm still freaked to play piano/cello in front of people. And I've been doing it for 5 years. Oh gosh, that wasn't very encouraging, was it? *ahem* You can do it Jordan! Woot! XD

    1. Hahaha:) I think the hardest of these goals are finishing the whole novels. Short stories are easy for me. Novels, not so much. I think Midnight Run will be the worst. I'm having to rework a ton of stuff and now nothing is fitting together right. I'm getting a little frustrated.

      Work out isn't too awful hard. The problem is making myself actually do it! That's my my mom is my work out buddy!:)

      As far as the piano/singing goes, I just need somebody to actually make me get up there and do it. I want to, I really do, but I have a major thing with people not liking me/my work (writing, piano, singing, etc.). It's not a confidence thing because I know I'm good at it (did that sound arrogant? I didn't mean for it to), I just don't like for other people to think otherwise because I hit a wrong key due to shaking hands. Did that even make sense?