Friday, March 14, 2014

New Novel News!

First of all, I had my review for Cress all written and neat and I would venture to say that it was by best blog post by far! Then my dumb phone deleted it. Now I don't know where to start with it. I can't remember anything I wrote or anything! It's very frustrating!

This post won't be the review, sorry, that one will have to wait until I find the right words again. This post is about an exciting new project!

Remember when I posted my 2014 Writing To Do list? And remember the series of short stories I had on it? Well, I started them. What started as a simple series of medieval short stories has morphed into a six book novel series. What genre? Medieval Fantasy with some fairy tale themes mixed in. But it's going to be really really good!

Now, I have two points to this post. Up until now it's basically just rambling.

1. I'm continuing the first installment for Camp NaNoWriMo! I've started it already (about 15,000 in), but Camp NaNo is the one I always rebel for. It seems like it's more acceptable during Camp.

2. DON'T LET ME GIVE UP ON THIS ONE!! Seriously! Thus far I have never finished a novel! I get to about 30K and tap out! I take a "break" and end up never looking at it again! Don't let me do that! I planned this series with someone, so I kind of feel obligated to finish it. And I need you guys to keep me motivated! Be my accountability partners! I need your help!

So, that's my new book news! And I will have the review up asap! I promise!



  1. YOU CAN DO IT, JORDAN. YOU CAN DO IT. *gets out motivational chocolate* Just remember, having a finished book is one of the best feelings ever. :) 6 books is a lot, too, phewf, I tried that and it's so hard to remember all the details. ;) I had to keep little lists of facts I'd made up because I couldn't even remember what happened in the last book. Eh, my awful memory. ;)

    1. Thanks, Cait!!:D I've got a whole planning page and a timeline for the first book! hahha:) The only problem I'm having is wordcount for the first book! It's moving too fast, but I can't figure out how to prolong it without making it boring hahha:)

  2. You will finish! You have it in you to finish and be proud of your achievement. Everybody doubts before the find the end of their novel but it is a wonderful thing when it happens. <3

    1. Thanks:) I do believe you're new here, right?:) If so, welcome!:D My progress so far has been pretty good:) Thanks for the encouragment!:D