Sunday, June 15, 2014

I GOT A CAR!!!!!!

I got a car, people!!!!! I real, brand-new, working car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm kind of in shock! And completely and totally in love!!! It's a Nissan Altima:) It's got a sunroof, leather interior, backup camera and several very cool blind spot/safety features, a built-in GPS, it connects through bluetooth to my phone, I can even get some apps for it! It's awesome!:) We weren't even seriously going to buy anything. We just went to look and see if there was anything I liked. Then a salesman that we know came out there and showed us several that we were kind of "meh" about. So he was like, "I've got this really nice, brand-new 2013 Altima on the showroom floor that's fully loaded. Why don't you take a look at it?" And I fell in love! But it was looking like the payments were going to be too high. So mom put her foot down and said, "this is the highest I'll go and if you can't work with me on that then we don't need the car." So the guy goes and talks to the manager and comes back looking disappointed. Then he walks into the office, throws his pen on the floor and goes, "DING DING DING!! Best deal of the day!" Mom, Dad, and I are sitting there going, "Huh?" and he's going and driving the car out of the showroom! Which was a dig deal! Because they only do that when they are for sure getting rid of the vehicle! And an hour later and we're driving off the lot in my new car!:) Mom and I are kind of "sharing" it for a while and when I go off to college in a few years it's going with me:) But she said it was mine, so that's what I'm going with too;P I'm struggling with whether or not naming it is weird/creepy. If I do I'll probably go with "Red"XD Thoughts? 

You may now bask in it's/his/her/Red's beauty!XD


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    1. I'm still a bit in shock this morningXD I heard Sam got a car:)

  2. That's awesome, Jordan! (So weird not calling you Renee) congratulations! That's a beautiful car, I would name her Red. XD This is good motitavtion for me to keep saving my money for my car. :)

    1. It's weird reading Jordan instead of ReneeXD Keep saving! Having your own car is awesome!!:D