Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jam Sessions and Anthem Lights:)

Today started out pretty yucky. It had been raining all night and it still was until about three this afternoon. But when Dad got home from work we had a little jam session which was really fun:) There's something you've gotta understand about my family: we live and breath music. Dad plays guitar, my brother, Peyton, is learning, I play piano, and we all sing. We're currently trying to get mom to learn bass:) Or at least use one of those shaker egg things:) Right now we're kind of hooked on this band called Anthem Lights:) They do a lot of covers but they also write their own christian music:) Everything they sing is clean!:) That's definately one thing we like about them:) So our jam session consisted of a lot of their videos:) We played them on youtube on out Wii with the surround sound:) It sounded amazing!:) Check out their videos:) I attached some:) The first four are covers:)  The others are originals:)

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