Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Plastic Cups! Who Knew?

I recently learned to play a new instrument in two days! Sort of. Plastic cups:) I know what your thinking. How in the world can plastic cups be used as an instrument? They are sort of like a percussion instrument. It started with a simple little cup pattern that a friend showed me. But now I can put a cup pattern to practically any song:) I'm very proud of myself because, although I can keep a beat, I am absolutely no good on the drums. My brother used to have a set and when I would try to play them I sounded really bad! But the cups are soo easy! It's like when your listening to a song and you start tapping your foot to the beat or tap beats on your legs or on a table. Only with this you have plastic cups that your using to tap that beat, with extra little slides or unstacking and stacking the cups however you want:) I feel very accomplished having taught myself this:) If you know how to play the cups send me a vid:)

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