Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All the Craziness of the Last 3 Weeks Packed into 1 Post:)

I finally have time to blog! I feel like it's been forever! The last few week have been crazy. And now you get to hear about them:) I'll tell most of the story with pictures:)

I'll start with the monsoon that graced us .  About three seconds after I took the pic on the left the car flew through that puddle and splashed all over our truck. Nice. Thanks a lot. The pic on the right is a field that was turned into a mini lake. The other one is a ditch by our house. It's normally only a fourth of the way up. It was almost over the bridge at that time.


Has anyone ever seen this before? You take yarn and throw it to each other. But, you have to hold on to some before you throw it. It makes an awesome design! And, luckily our kids caught on very quickly! The first pic it just pure epicness! An awesome action pic. That's me throwing it, by the way:)The second one the red yarn looks like red security lasers:) Very cool:) It's also our final product. Total hit. We're going to do it again with multi-colored yarn.


That same Sunday we caught this little critter in our swimming pool:) I rescued him:) He's a little baby Red-earned Slider. We let him go in a ditch behind out neighborhood:)

I got my braces off!!:)



We had our Awana awards assembly last Wednesday night. I couldn't get the Sparkies (above) to look at me. Mr. Joey and his daughter, Mayson (right). After this pic her kissed her on the cheek and said, "I can do that. She's my daughter." He tried to do the same thing to Korey (below), but he ducked. Korey's not his son, but their families have been friends for a long time.

Saturday was Mayfest. It's an annual this out town does downtown. Everyone sets up booths and sells stuff, there's live entertainment, good food, and games for the kids. It's always really fun, and all the "biker dudes" , as I call them, come out. When I took this pic dad asked why I took it. My reply was, "It's perfect for my blog! 'Hey, look at who came to visit! Bet you don't see that very often!'"

 Mitzie, our Poodle, was very rudely pushed into the pool by Chester, our Yorkie.

Revenge was had today. Peyton pushed him in right after this pic:)
Mother's Day was fun. We went to visit my Nana. We spent the day watching World's Strongest Man. I actually quite enjoyed it. But, I still don't know who won. If anyone knows please share:)    

I saw this today and loved it!! I am so excited for this movie! This one and about ten other 2013 releases!:) This is the year for good movie releases apparently.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my crazy last few weeks:) More craziness is sure to follow!:)
P.S. Is anyone else is love with Owl City's Midsummer's Eve cd? It was my Summer Cd last year and I think I'll give it that title again this year, too:)

P.P.S. If you read all of this kudos to you!:)


  1. Yay! No braces. You look fantastic =)

    1. Thanks!:) It was a bit weird the first few days! And I still haven't mastered smiling showing my teeth. I still think it looks weird to after 15 years of not showing my teeth.

  2. Wow! A lot has happened for you here lately. :) And yes I love that Owl City cd, but then again Owl Cityn is all awesome! And kudos to me right?! Lol :)

    1. Yes! But I've had fun:) Owl City is amazing!:) Yes, kudos to you:P