Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Impossibilities of Light Packing, and Vacations

Happy Birthday to my best friend, Lydia! I'm a day late on the blog post, but I did "sing" you Happy Birthday on Facebook:) I decided that for the Blogger Happy Birthday I would get gushy and reminisce:) So, those of you reading this, Lydia and I met when she moved into the house next door(But we were both shy so we didn't actually become good friends until later). We both home schooled and had a mutual love for books, so once we got over the initial shyness we became the best of friends:) We've only known each other for a few years, but in those few years we managed to realize we have quite a few things in common. Such as:

-A love for books
-A desire to travel to different countries
-Loving old shows (Andy Griffith)
-Loving jokes (especially blonde jokes, even though my now has blonde in it :P)
-We're both home schooled
-We both hate math
-Loving hidden object puzzles:)
-Strawberry Popsicles:)
-Among many other things:)

SOOO, to finish off the birthday celebration part of this post, I will virtually sing Happy Birthday to you, again, in French (Yes, I had to use Google translate) :)

Joyeux anniversaire à vous
Joyeux anniversaire à vous
Joyeux anniversaire chère Lydia
Joyeux anniversaire à vous

Spell check really hates me for that!

By the way, I tried to sneak to your house to steal your cake, but this guy beat me to it ;P

Now to the next part. I've come to the realization that it is impossible for me to travel light! We leave for vacation tomorrow and I have too much stuff. I packed enough outfits for everyday, plus one extra in case we get dirty and I want to change before we go anywhere else, plus two outfits to lounge in at the hotel.
I always pack a backpack when we go out of town. In my backpack I have:

-My kindle which is stocked with samples of every book on my To-Read list.
-Three notebooks
-Four pencils and two pens
-All of my Kindle accessories
-My iPod
-My iPod charger
-Two books
-Accessories to match every outfit
-Three pairs of sunglasses(in case, you know, one of the breaks, or doesn't match one of my outfits :P)
-My purse
-My phone charger
-Candy to satisfy the munchies
-I also added apps that I could put all of my book info and actually write on. Then, I put all the info into the apps.

I definitely can't pack light.

Now I talk vacation!:D We're going to Lexington, KY, Petersburgh, KY, and Cincinnati, OH. Tomorrow we get up no later than 5:00 make the 6 hour drive to Lexington. We will make any necessary stops at Dairy Queen and thrift shops along the way:) When we get there we're going to take an hour-long paddle-wheel boat tour:) Then, whatever else we find to do:) Monday, we're going to the Horse Park:) Tuesday, we go to the Creation Museum in Petersburgh. Wednesday, we get to play with penguins at the aquarium in Cincinnati:) Thursday, we make the even longer drive from Cincinnati back home, with the necessary stops mentioned before, and a stop at my grandma's house in KY:) It's going to be one fun-filled week!:)

Vacation 2013 here I come!!:D


  1. Awww, thanks Jordan! :]

    Have a fun vacation!

  2. Happy birthday, Lydia!!!

    And have fun on vacation!! Sounds awesome! :D