Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation, Pictures, and More Randomness

Ahhh! I haven't blogged in forever! Wait, don't I start every post with that sentence? I need to stop that. Anywho, vacation was awesome! Just in case anyone was wondering ;) Pictures will come anytime in the next month. Depends on how big of a procrastinator I decide to be.

Anyone seen Oz, The Great and Powerful? What about Jack the Giant Slayer? Two absolutely amazing movies! Anyone seen the trailer for the Disney sequel to The Wizard of Oz? It doesn't look like one of Disney's best.

Wednesday dad got a new truck. It's way bigger that his last one! There's so much more room in it. I got to drive it that evening!:) I did really good! But parking is hard. Parking is very hard.

Friday was Peyton, the monster my brother's birthday. We had some really good friends of ours come over. It was so much fun! There was a total of 17 people there! Nine adults, seven teenagers, and one 6 year old. And get this, ten of the people are all related. A family of six and a family of four related. I got pizza for the first time in forever! I had a total of eight pieces over the course of two days. No regrets.

Saturday we had a yard sale. We were very successful. It was a three family yard sale and we sold most everything. We mainly just had clothes left. I got a new toy that day, too!:) My brand-new camera! It's a Samsung WB100 and I love it! It takes amazing picture, has built in filters, a photo editor, setting for every photography scenario under the sun, 26x optical zoom, and it takes HD videos!. Which  is amazing, because two of my friends and I like to write, direct, act in, and produce out own mini-movies:) Oh, and did I mention the camera is my favorite color?

This post is seriously lacking in pictures, so I have to fix that. Upon searching my computer, I discovered that I have put my vacation pics on here, so here they are:
Peyton was convinced the lady was going to jump up!

I'm in the blue in all these pics:) Mom's in the orange, Peyton's in green, and dad's in charge of the camera(aka my phone) because I wanted pics, but refused to let go of the reigns. My horse's name is Art, mom's is Star, dad's is Burrito, and Peyton's in Shameless. I love riding now:) I wish there was a place around we could go ride. Oh, the pains of living in a small town.

Later that day we went to Shaker Village. It's kind of like an Amish village. We got to tour the village and meet some of the people who lived there. It was interesting:) They gave paddle-wheel boat rides, too! Dad is a boat captain, so he easily made friends with the captain of the Dixie Bell. Unfortunately dad is the only one with a decent picture of the boat, so I can't post it until he sends it to me. The pics are of a railroad bridge we went under. At one point in time it was the tallest bridge in the US. 

 The aquarium was fun:) We got to pet some penguins, and I got to get a picture of the otters:) I love otters. Sleeping otters are even better:)

We saw this castle when we were coming into Lexington:) We've seen it other times we went up that way, but I never got a good picture until now:) You can spend the night there, but it's super expensive. I would like to get a room there someday just so I could see the castle on the inside:)

The Creation Museum in last simply because I have more picture from there than anywhere else. I really wish the peacock would have put it's tail up for me. Most all of the mannequins, or whatever you want to call them, moved. It was a little creepy.

Did I mention that I hate putting pictures on here? It took me an hour to get all these position half-way decent, and I'm still not happy with them. Oh well. I guess I better get some writing done before I go to sleep.


  1. Looks like you guys had fun! You actually got to PET the penguins?!? So jealous. I love visiting the penguins at the St. Louis Zoo, but you are *not* supposed to touch them.

    1. I have not checked my own personal blog since this post. That's a little sad. The Penguin thing was amazing! You only got to pet them twice with two fingers, so it wasn't like you were petting them like you pet a dog, but it was still cool! We got to see them up close and personal:) Peyton and daddy also got to pet some sharks, but I was too afraid!

  2. I second Lydia! I would like to pet a penguin! The only penguins I've ever seen were behind a kilometre of glass...and they looked very miserable. Looks like a fun holiday! Going to a Shaker village sounds totally fascinating.

    1. I hate seeing miserable animals! I was extremely happy to see that all of the penguins looked pretty happy! Most of them liked to pose for the cameras:)