Friday, July 26, 2013

I love tags!

The title says it all. I love doing tags!:) Thanks to Lydia for tagging me:) On to the fun part!
1. What's your comfort food?
Dad's chili, mom's taco soup, Granny's potato soup, or Nana's beef stew. Basically, if it's a soup or stew and it's cooked by someone special it's my comfort food:)
2. Any pet peeves related to blogging?
Not really. Mainly just misspelling. I mean, use spell check people. It's there for a reason.
3. Favorite youtubers?
There are so many! Let's see: The Piano Guys for sure, Pianomusiclovr (he's an amazing piano player!), Anthem Lights, Zeldaxlove64 (this girl can sing!), The Gardiner Sister (they're even better than Zeldaxlove64!), and Kylelandry (so many amazing Disney piano covers!)
4. What book are you currently reading?
Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter and my friends first draft:)
5. Favorite Tumblr blog?
Victoriasnails (awesome nail blog) and theallycarter.
6. What movie do you find yourself quoting incessantly?
The Princess Bride, The Avengers, and The Matrix. I have to explain the last one:) In The Matrix the bad guy calls the good guy Mr. Anderson. My best friend's last name is Anderson, so I call her dad that every time I see him.
7. Beverage of choice?
Dr. Pepper, pink lemonade, or good ole' sweet iced tea:)
8. Favorite book you've read all year?
Easy. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer:) If I can have two it would be Cinder and Scarlet.
9. Current favorite television shows?
Merlin, Kickin' It, and Austin and Ally:)
10. Favorite blog post you've written?
11. Favorite ice cream flavor?
STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, Baskin' Robins is the only place around here who sells it and we don't go there often:( But it's still my favorite!
Now on to the hard part: my eleven questions.
1. Who wants to know what happened in Budapest? You need to following picture to understand. If you still don't, go watch Avengers.
2. Best 2013 movie so far?
3. A country you would like to visit?
4. Do you play any instruments? If so, what?
5. Hardback or paperback? Why?
6. Favorite book on your bookshelf?
7. What about favorite movie that you own?
8. Day person or night owl?
9. Youtubers you recommend?
10. Favorite joke?
11. If you could invite anyone, living, dead, real, or fiction, to a dinner party, who would it be? Why?
The Notebook Sisters , yes, both of you.
Tag you're it!:)

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  1. Paperback! Definitely. So much more comfortable to read.