Friday, September 6, 2013

Babbling About Introvertedness

Wow! Two posts in one day! Yeah, I'm trying to redeem myself. Let me know when I'm forgiven.

In light of The Notebook Sisters almost recent posts about introverts here and here (upon looking the posts up to give you links, I realized that they aren't as recent as I though they were) I decided to share my own recent experiences with introvertedness- that's a word, right? I don't think spell check likes that word.

We recently joined a new church. We love it. But, a new church means a new youth group. I only knew two out of fifteen of them (Sarah and Thomas). We'd been going for a couple weeks and we decided to go to youth group on Wednesday night. I was a nervous wreck! It went pretty well over all, although I don't think I said more than two words to any of the teens that I didn't know! When I try to talk in front of a bunch of people, or to someone I don't know, my face gets blood red! It's quite unattractive and embarrassing. As if going to youth group on Wednesdays wasn't nerve wracking enough, we decided to go with them on their back-to-school bash. We went to a water park and an amazing restaurant called Lambert's! Four and a half hours, total, on a bus with people you don't know! I was terrified! To help me out a little bit, I dragged five of my friends with me! That helped a lot! The day went great and I had loads of fun, but I still didn't talk to the people I didn't know. On the way home, though, two of the guys (Matt and Beau) decided they wanted to talk to me! The conversation went a little like this:

Matt: Hey, you in the pink, I don't know you're name.
(that there isn't the greatest way to start a conversation with me. I understand that if you don't know my name you don't really have anything to call me, but I'm not fond of "you in the (shirt color)" references)

Me: I'm Jordan.

Matt: I'm Matt.

Beau: I'm Beau. Sup.
(He did that little upwards nod thing that guys do when they think they're soooo cool. I hate that.)

Me: (At this point I think it's safe to say my face was a red as a tomato! I wasn't sure I could form a reply that wouldn't sound A: rude or B: stupid, so I did what I always do when I'm embarrassed: roll my eyes, turn away, and try to ignore it.)

Beau: (jokingly) Oh, I see how you are then!

Me: I don't say sup. (Finally! Words that weren't completely stupid!)

Matt: (Matt had been sitting back and watching with an amused look on his face since Beau said sup, but he took this time to rejoin the conversation) Well then, what do you say?

(I was stumped! I hadn't made any new friends in like, four years, so I was completely clueless on what to say next! Thankfully, Sarah decided to jump in and save me at this point!)

Sarah: She'll say it to me! Sup, Jordan.

Me: (Grinning stupidly and fighting back a laugh at the thought of their faces when I said it) Sup. (I even added the annoying little nod)

Beau: (jokingly) Oh! Now I really see how you are!

After that I left the conversation and let Sarah explain to them that I'm not used to having to talk to people I don't know (I had been talking to her about that a little while earlier), which led to a conversation the next Wednesday between Matt and I about why I'm not used to talking to people. I blamed introvertedness (which I had to define for him) and homeschooling.

Since then things have gone a lot smoother! I've made friends with almost every one! I am super proud of myself for that! I also joined a band! Our youth pastor, two guys that go to church there, and any of the youth that want to participate are in a praise team:) I play keyboard and sing a little:) It's very fun! And practice is the highlight of my week just about every week! :)

I realize that I just did a ton of talking, so I'll post some pictures and be quiet now:)

Never. Not even when I'm old and grey and thirty! Haha!

I love this quote! It's possibly my favorite quote ever!
See you soon! Maybe. Probably not. :P


  1. Haha. Pretty sure you've seen me in my terrified-of-youth-group-and-other-teenagers state. Worst feeling ever. Glad you're getting over it though ;)

    1. It is a horrible feeling! I didn't even sit with them when we went to Lambert's! I sat with my friends and the adults!
      I found it all very intimidating! There are fifteen people to laugh at you and think you're weird if you say something stupid. And some teenagers can be vicious! Luckily, none of these are! They're all really nice:)

  2. I don't think introvertedness (it totally should be a word) is something to be ashamed about. Extroverts don't hide in shame when they're too friendly (at least, none of the ones I know do :P). So of course, I tooootally know how you feel!! I stumble over my words a lot when I'm expected to say contribute to a conversation. Either that or I bust out something sarcastic. It's just as mortifying. Ah. People. *hides under bed*

    1. You do that, too?! I always say sarcastic stuff! When I'm with friends, it's no big deal because they know I'm just joking. But, when I'm with strangers they might not know, so I'm afraid they'll think I'm rude! I'm not really ashamed of my introvertedness. Especially bot after talking to Matt and Taylor, a girl in our youth group:) They told me that it's no big deal haha:) Since then I've not been as scared and nervous as I was:)

  3. Haha. I'll admit, this is sooo foreign to me! I'm one of those extroverts Cait was talking about. You know, the ones that don't apologize for being too friendly. ;) But, I understand when people are shy and try to coax them out...mmmm...friendly-like? Haha!!! But I'm glad you're learning to not be so scared! It's really nice! :D