Friday, September 13, 2013

Still In Love With The Camera

 We went camping this week. I got to really use my camera for the first time and I am loving it!

 I messed with a couple settings for the picture on the left:)

 I thought the picture of the left was interesting. A fork in the road, but you can only go one way. I had to snap the picture for this one.

 I messed with more settings on the right:)
 I've discovered that my camera hates when the water reflects the sun. If there's a setting to fix that I would love to know about it:)

 Creepy spider web. Ew.

 I love this picture! All the pretty green leaves:) I looked up and decided that I wanted a picture of it:)

 I sat my camera on the handrail of the bridge that crossed the creek. Yes, I am pretty proud of this picture!
 The one on the right is looking straight down off the bridge.

 Another tree shot:) I love pointing the camera straight up and snapping the picture:)

 A natural archway:)

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