Monday, October 28, 2013

Meet Shaun and Robyn Fields

Character posts! Yay!! I'm introducing two characters today since I have 5 to introduce! Today I want you to meet Shaun and Robyn Fields:)

Shaun and Robyn are twins. Shaun thinks of Robyn as his "baby" sister, but he's only 6 minutes older. They're both 20 and work at the Time Agency, a group of Time Travelers. They have slightly wavy, sandy blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. Shaun's hair is short, while Robyn's is to her shoulder-blades. Shaun is about average height and Robyn is a couple inches shorter. They're peronalities are on total opposite end of the spectrum. Shaun is rather quiet and reserved, while Robyn is bubbly and outgoing. Shaun is a very passionate person, and Robyn takes everything as a grain of salt-most of the time. They might be total opposites, but all-in-all, they love each other and neither couldn't live without the other.

So, Shaun, Robyn, say hi to all the lovely peoples of the blogosphere! Robyn says hi, but Shaun isn't "taking any of the nonsense". His words, not mine ;P 

Well, Nano starts on Friday! Tomorrow I'm introducing the villain, aka Carl (I know! His name sounds so villainous, doesn't it), and Thursday you guys will get to meet Jacory. AND, Friday I'm unveiling my FMC, Midnight! But, it might be midnight before I get the post up (see what I did there;P) because I'm not posting until I get my quota for the day! Then, I'm writing some more! My goal for the first day is 3,000-5,000 at least! I need you guys to help me stay on track!

Two more days of freedom! They will be well spent saving pictures that inspire the story! 

I was going to post a picture of the twins, but I couldn't find one I like:( It's harder than it sounds to find pictures of 20-year old twin boy and girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. So, instead, I'll just say post for you later!:)

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