Friday, August 1, 2014

Favorite Five Characters

Only ten days since my last post! Yay! I would have put up another post sooner, but I had wisdom teeth cut out. I've felt a whole lot better than I thought I would and I haven't had any problems whatsoever, but I just didn't feel like typing up a post. I'm going to take advice from two of my lovely blogger friends, Cait and Lydia, and pick a specific day to post each week. I'm not sure what day it will be yet, but this week it's Friday.

I found some blog prompts that were pretty cool and I'm going to do one of those, but I'm going to change it up a bit. The prompt is this: In a fantasy world, forget about spouses and loves, if you could fall in love with a movie or tv character, name 5 you would choose. Not the actors, but the characters themselves. Here's what I'm changing it to: In a fantasy world, if you could meet any movie or tv character, name five you would choose and why. Not actors, but the character themselves.

Hopefully I'll be able to limit myself to five! In no particular order:

1: Sherlock from BBC's Sherlock series. Why? I've always loved detective shows and movies and Sherlock Holmes has always been my favorite among them. Sure, we might butt heads once in a while over his snark, but I think Sherlock Holmes is one of the best fictional detectives out there and would love hearing that, so he would keep me around;P I could be his second Watson who may or may not be as good at the job as Watson is.

2. Dean Winchester from Supernatural. He and I would definitely butt heads often. Unless he changes a lot between Season 4 and Season 9. He sort of aggravates me when he doesn't listen to Sammy even though Sam is right. But, he always comes through in the end and most of the time he knows what he's doing anyway. Ok, 98% of the time.

3. Sam "Sammy" Winchester from Supernatural. Sam and I would get along a whole lot better than Dean and I would. Until Season 4 where Sam starts that whole bad mojo thing with Ruby while Dean's gone (if you've seen Supernatural you know what I'm talking about). I would be right there with Sam fighting with Dean over whether we should kill the thing or not. I'm not saying Sam is better than Dean (Season 1-3, Sam was my favorite. He screwed that up in Season 4, though), because he's not, I'm just saying we have more in common personality wise.

4. The Doctor from Doctor Who. I think I would make a pretty good Companion in Doctor Who. I love time travel, I can think on my feet pretty well, and I definitely would not question the Doctor's orders. I'm not sure which regeneration I would like to travel with the most, but I'm pretty sure it would be Eleven. He was always my favorite.

5. Shawn Spencer from Psych. Seriously, he's basically a modern Sherlock who pretends to be a psychic so the police department doesn't think he committed all the crimes! He's awesome and hilarious! He is just extremely observant and notices things others don't and claims to be psychic to cover for it. He's always getting himself and his best friend, Gus, into all kinds of trouble, but he gets them out of it in the end, too.

Ok, so there's my five. Notice 4 out of the 5 are from huge fandoms. SuperWhoLock for me! I feel extremely nerdy now.

     So,  if you could meet any movie or tv character, name five          you would choose and why. 


  1. I love Shawn Spencer, but he would make me SO mad if I knew him in real life.

    1. HahaXD I'm not sure if he would annoy/aggravate me or not.

  2. I just found out you had a blog! :D

    Anyways, I really like this prompt, but I only know two of the characters on your list. I don't watch Supernatural or Psych. :P

    1. Katheline! It's so weird seeing that instead of RiverXD Supernatural and Psych are amazing!