Saturday, August 9, 2014

What Exciting Things Are To Come

I've blogged three weeks in a row!! This post is going to be me telling you a little about the plans I have for the future of my blog. I know, I know, a little boring, right;P Just hang in there, ok. 

1. I have an author friend!:D She used to live in my town and come to our church:) And she wrote a really great book. So, I plan on reviewing it and asking her to do a little interview with me. 

2. I want to talk about my writing more and I am considering doing weekly or monthly short stories and posting them here for all my lovely readers to review and tell me where I can improve and what they thought of it.

3. I want to start doing occasional "Fandom Highlights". I'm a part of a ton of fandoms: Sherlockians (BBC Sherlock), Whovians (Doctor Who), the Avengers (and basically anything Marvel), Potterheads (Harry Potter), The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Supernatural, Psych, Lunartics (The Lunar Chronicles), and countless others. So, in the "Fandom Highlights" I'll pick a fandom and do a post talking about what sucked me into the fandom, what I like and dislike about it, memorable moments, etc.

4. Book and movie reviews. This one is going to be a bit harder seeing as I don't get to go to the movies or buy new books as often as I would like to. I can do reviews on older books, but I can't really do that with movies because most of the time everyone has already seen itXD

5. I want to find some fun monthly linkups and participate in them. Anyone know of some fun ones?

6. I'm also going to just do some random updates on my life, personally. These will probably be few and far between, but they will be there.

I realize this has been a short post, but I'm pressed for time and I've been busy this week. Next week I promise I will have a longer post!

So, what do you guys, being my amazing readers and all, think I should add to the above list? I'm open to just about anything! And what do you think of the ideas so far? 


  1. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FANDOM POSTS. I totally am. I'm soooo loving Psych right now. ^_^ It's so relaxing after Supernatural...hehe, will never ever recover from S9 finale. Probably will die in S10. RIP me.
    I recommend and their Top Ten Tuesday linkup! They're really fun prompts and absolutely STACKS of bloggers do it so it's an easy one to find lots of new friends with. ;)

    1. I know! We watch several Psych episodes and then a ton of Supernatural episodesXD We're on season 7. Cass just took all of Sammy's craziness and hallucinations into himself. I kind of miss Cass. I'll never survive S9. I barely survived losing Bobby:'(
      I'll check them out!:D

  2. For a linkup, you should check out Teens Can Write Too. Every month they have a blog chain for teen writers about whatever prompt John puts up. I'm doing it for the first time this month! :D

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely check it out!:D