Monday, September 8, 2014

The Fun and Exciting Things Happening

I took the advice of my lovely blogger friend, Cait, and I am going to blog about an interesting new adventure I just embarked on. But first, I need to give you guys a little background.

For over a year I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a child psychologist or a school counselor. A couple weeks ago, though, I literally woke up and thought, "That's not what I want to do anymore." I told my mom and we both decided not to worry about it. That wasn't working for me though, as usual. So, I spent several hours taking several different aptitude tests and there were a few things that each test had in common: writing (of course) and several things to do in the legal field. Paralegal being the main one. A paralegal is basically a lawyer or attorney's assistant. They can do almost anything a lawyer can do except sign legal documents for the lawyer, represent someone in court, and a few other things.

I found out two weeks ago that a woman we go to church with is a paralegal. I already know her really well because her husband is a karate sensei and I did karate with them for a while. So, we talked to her and decided that I would go up to the Attorney's office she works at and shadow her a few days a week.

I went two days last week and it was really fun! I met everyone who works there and they're all really nice and extremely fun people. Kenneth Mitchell's doppelganger works there. I swear this guy looks exactly like Kenneth Mitchell! His name is Will. He's a prosecuting attorney and does several things. There's Gina. She's an interesting character. She's hilarious and extremely fun to be around! She does tons of things that I can't even remember. Curtis pretty much runs the place. He's quieter, but still really nice. Sarah is the paralegal I'm shadowing. She is just plain awesome! Sarah, Gina, and I had so much fun the first day I was there. We sat and talked for a pretty good while and also had some pretty hilarious conversationsXD All in all, it's amazing!

I also found out kind of what I want to do with it. Sarah told me I can double major in Sociology and Criminology and it would still be pretty laid back. I want to go for my masters in Sociology and my bachelors in Criminology and while I'm doing that go for a bachelors or a masters in Paralegal studies through an online program. With that I can do anything in the paralegal field. But, I'm considering trying to do something in the FBI. When I tell people that everyone thinks of tracking down serial murderers and examining dead bodies, but that's not necessarily what I would have to do. Sarah said I could be the person who gives lie detector tests, I could do surveillance, security detail, I could strictly be a fingerprint specialist. There are all kinds of things you can do within the FBI without being an actually investigator. She also said I could do something along the lines of investigating something tamer that doesn't have to do with murders. Like, money laundering or something along those lines. She told me FBI isn't strictly dealing with murders and kidnappings. Which is really good because I could not handle seeing a dead body.

So, I'm pretty sure I finally have things figured out. And I can do several other things with those degrees. It's all really exciting and fun. I can't wait to see what I end up doing with it all:)


  1. Ohhhh my GOSH. JORDAN CAN YOU GET ANY COOLER??!!! That is insanely awesome. Yes, I do watch way too many cop shows. But I still find that kind of stuff interesting...although I think murder investigations would be fascinating. But criminology?! Sounds so interesting. You're very smart too. ;) And of course all that is like perfect writing I know! Everything in my head goes back to, "Could this be used in a book." But, seriously, if you go into FBI that would be very very cool. SO glad I got to read this post!!

    1. HahahaXD I think I could stand to get a little cooler;P I watch like 6 cop showsXD Murder investigations would be extremely interesting, but I can't stand blood, so bodies would majorly bother me. And thank you:) Working in that field would expand my horizons in writing tremendously! I would know so much more than google can give meXD I didn't even think of writing this post until you brought it up:)

  2. That is seriously really cool! That sounds so interesting! :D

    I recently went through something similar, but you already know that from NaNo, so I won't rehash it. XD

    1. It is extremely interesting! I'm going to Divorce Court FridayXD That should be....interesting to say the leastXD

      Yes, I do haha:) It's not funXD