Thursday, February 5, 2015

Beautiful People #6: Love Is In The Air

February's Beautiful People linkup is about love and shipping!:D It's hosted by Cait and Sky.


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Anywho! I'm going to do this for two different stories: My NaNo novel, Blurred Lines, and for a short story I'm writing. The Blurred Lines characters are Gwen and Sammy. The short story characters are Nate and Ruby.
A little background on the stories:
Blurred Lines: Gwen is a private investigator. Sammy is an ex-FBI agent trying his hand at private investigating. They both decide to pursue a case and meet at one of the houses of a victim's family.
Short story (I need a name for itXD): I used a writing prompt for this. The writing is that every person is born with a countdown on their wrist counting down to when they meet their soulmate.
1. How long have they been a couple?
Gwen and Sammy: At the end of BL, they've been together or literally only a few days. At the end of the second book, Pressure Points, it's been either a year, or a year and a half. not sure yet.
Nate and Ruby: Technically, they're not an official couple yet. But they're soulmates, so they will be and it totally countsXD
2. How did they first meet?
Gwen and Sammy: Gwen showed up at the house of a possible murder victim's family. She was impersonating a Federal agent. She shows up at the house and the woman tells her that the "other agent" was already there. It turns out to be private investigator Sammy, who is also impersonating a Fed. Sammy gets extremely nervous because he thinks he's busted. When they leave the house Gwen tells him she knows he's not a Fed and he figures out that she's not either. He suggests they investigate together and Gwen shoots him downXD
Nate and Ruby: Well, Nate is a detective with the London PD and was working a case with his supervisor, Remy. They go to a possible hideout and find Ruby who had been kidnapped. Let me rephrase that: Nate finds Ruby while Rem is chasing he bad guy. Nate and Ruby both realize that their countdowns stopped.
3. What were their first thoughts of each other? (Love at first sight or "you're freakishly annoying"?)
Gwen and Sammy: Sammy thought she was cute and wanted to get to know her better. Gwen thought he was annoying and didn't want anything to do with him.
Nate and Ruby: Ruby thought it was too good to be true. Nate thought she was adorable because she kept blushing and getting a little embarrassed. He also thought she was gorgeous.
4. What do they do that most annoys each other?
Gwen and Sammy: I'm not sure Gwen does anything that really annoys Sammy. I mean, he gets upset when she's being hard on herself, but I don't know that that really annoys him. Sammy likes to tease and cut up and that sometimes annoys Gwen, depending on her mood that day.
Nate and Ruby: I haven't decided this yet.
5. Are their personalities opposite or similar?
Gwen and Sammy: They're not total opposites, but they're pretty different. Gwen blames herself for every bad thing that happens to herself and the people around her where Sammy is more like, "If there wasn't anything I/you could do then there was nothing I/you could do." Sammy's is also really outgoing and likes to joke around and everything. Gwen likes to joke, but only with people she knows. She's a bit more reserved.
Nate and Ruby: Nate and Ruby are considerably more different (starting out) than Gwen and Sammy. Nate is more of a confident (dare I say, borderline arrogant) guy who wouldn't have any problems with the ladies if it wasn't for the whole soulmate countdown thing. Ruby is a blusher who is really shy until she gets to know you. Unless you're, you know, her soulmate. Then she'll do that a little, but not over every little thing. She's not as shy with Nate as she is with most people, but she still is a little.
6. How would their lives be different without each other?
Gwen and Sammy: As sad as it is, Gwen would probably be dead without Sammy. She'll never admit it, but if he wasn't around to save her life, she would be dead. Sammy would probably be fine if he never met Gwen because he's not the type that needs somebody. Gwen likes to think she's not either, but if she were to go through all the events of BL without Sammy, she would have died during one of the small climaxes.
Nate and Ruby: This is a hard one to answer with the whole soulmate thing. So, I'm going to answer ti as if the questions is talking about if one of them died before they met. So, say Ruby died before Nate met her: his countdown would have stopped on a number instead of zero. he would have asked Rem about it and he would haven told him that that means his soulmate has died and he would be forced to live out the rest of his life without ever getting married or falling in love or anything. A few days later Ruby's body would have turned up. They would have found out that her and Nate's countdowns ended on the same number and Rem would have let Nate go see her. *insert sad scene here*. If Nat had died before they met: her countdown would have stopped, she would have found out why. When she got kidnapped, Rem would have found her. Maybe she would have asked Rem if a man had died at that exact moment. He would have looked into it and realized that was when Nate died. He would have told her and told her all about him. Maybe they would have remained friends or something after that. She would never fall in love or anything.
7. Are they embarrassed of each other?
Gwen and Sammy: Definitely not. Sammy loves letting everybody know who his girl is and Gwen feels the same.
Nate and Ruby: Not in the slightest. They were matched perfectlyXD
8. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?
Gwen and Sammy: Not a first, but after a certain part in the sequel to BL, a ton of people hate Sammy. She and Sammy split up, but after everything is cleared up they get back together. Several of Gwen's friends disapprove of this. They keep it quiet around Gwen, but one of them confronts Sammy and tells him that if he ever hurts Gwen like that again he'll regret ever meeting her to begin with.
Nate and Ruby: Not a single person. But, with the whole soulmate hing, who could? I mean, it's kind of set in stone that those two are going to be together.
9. Do they see their relationship as long-term/leading to marriage?
Gwen and Sammy: Definitely. They may have had the extremely rough patch, but, in the end, they love each other and they know they want to get married one day.
Nate and Ruby: Do I even need to answer this question?
10. If they could plan the "perfect outing" together, where would they go?
Gwen and Sammy: Um..Gwen really likes to travel, so they'd probably go out of the country. Not really an "outing", but Gwen's hard to pleaseXD She'd be happy with a trip to the beach. She's never been to the beach before. She also really loves hiking. Sammy is basically happy as long as he's with Gwen. Gwen and Sammy would probably agree on either a trip to the beach or a hiking trip.
Nate and Ruby: Well, for one, Ruby would just be happy if they could get through one date without Nate having to run out and go to work for something. The perfect outing for them would probably be walking along the beach by the Thames in London barefoot and having a picnic. Then riding the Eye of London. Then they'd go back to Ruby's flat and she would coerce Nate into watching a Disney movie with her and singing all the songs with her. Nate would never admit it, but the movies were always his favorite part. Mainly because he loved watching her get all excited and he loved how every time she watched the movie it was like she'd never see it before.
That was fun!:D Well, except for the question about what they'd do without each other.
So, who likes writing relationships? What kinds of relationships do you like writing?


  1. For the button - are you using the link, or saving and uploading? Blogger sometimes does weird stuff to my pictures too.

    I like BOTH stories! Gwen and Sammy seem to be more dynamic than Nate and Ruby. I find G+S's story more intriguing because there seems to be a lot more going on (How on earth do they manage to fake being feds?! Doesn't the family ask to see some ID?). Then again, that's my personal preference. As N+R's story is simply a romance, I like it but it more simplistic. The soul mate countdown idea is an interesting one though. Is this the story on Wattpad?

    I like writing complicated relationships, the sort where you're never sure where they're going to end up. Or else, you're anticipating drama but actually they live happily ever after, which you don't get as much in 'grittier' novels. Great post!

    1. The link.

      Yeah, Gwen and Sammy (G+S! I love that!) are from my novel, where N+R are from a short story. Probably totaling less than 5K, but who knows. G+S had "friends" forge ID's for them. Yes, it is illegal, but so is what the government is doing in the novelXD N+R's story sounds like pure romance, but it's notXD I don't do pure romanceXD I'm adding kidnapping and murderXD Nate is a detective, and Ruby is a victim in his case. It's not on Wattpad yet, but it will be when I finish it!:D

      Yeah, I kind of like those types, but they infuriate me at the same timeXD I'm a strong shipper, so if I say two characters should be together I ship it to the bitter end! Even after death sometimesXD One time the writers of my favorite tv show blew up my ship. Literally!! Half my ship (the girl) was completely blown to bits! I balled and got super mad at the writersXD I still ship her with the guyXD

  2. I think the button is actually my fault. It only started doing that to everyone when I moved to Wordpress. I'M SORRY. *cries* If you save the button and upload it on your own site and just manually link it to mine, it will work. But I apologise because it's a bunch of extra bother for you. (You can also just copy and paste the button from my site...that should work too.)

    AW, they sound sweet. But you have Sam AND Ruby in your books??????? My supernatural senses are twitching. 0.0 XD I love Gwen and Sammy! They sound really dynamic.

    1. I'll try that next time!!!:D Thanks!:D It's not really any work for meXD It spend more time trying to get the link for the button to work right than that would takeXD

      Yes!:) Both are super sweet (when they want to beXD)!:D Yes. I admit. I have a Sammy in my novel and a Ruby in my short story. *hangs head in shame* Sammy was on purpose. I went though this phase (from season 1 all the way to Swan Song) where I was hopelessly in love with Sammy (I've switched to DeanXD But who knows where I'll be when I watch season 10) so I named a character after him. Ruby, on the other hand, was totally a coincidentXD I was trying to find a name and I went on a site with the predicted most popular/unique names in 2015 and Ruby was on it and it was the only one I even remotely likedXD

  3. Gwen and Sammy seem so awesome!! And the short story idea is so interesting!! The whole countdown thing would make everything so much different. But wait, it counts down to the time you meet your soul mate, so if you were meant to be with your best friend since childhood...
    Ooh, and I wonder how that'd affect growing up. I feel like things would be so much different then, with kids even having the countdown...

    1. They are awesome! Trust me;P
      Yes, that would make things 10x easier!XD It would be different. What if two babies who were born at the exact same time in the same hospital met in the nursery! That would be weird!!!!

  4. Love, love, love... I can't help but seem to feel warm inside.

    1. I know, right?! I love talking about my characters' love lives!XD

  5. I was going to do two couples, but I'm a rambler, so I decided to stick to just one. But Sam x Gwen and Nate x Ruby sound awesome! Also, did you find that writing prompt on tumblr? Because I think I might have seen it a couple times :)

    1. Thank you! I'm rather partial;P
      I got it on pinterest, but I'm pretty sure it was a screenshot from Tumblr. It had a lot of cool parts from other people's stories!