Monday, February 2, 2015

January Closure

Exciting things happened in my life last month. January is usually the month known for "new beginnings." This year January was the month of new stuff in general for me.

I started my first session of online college classes this month! I'm almost done with week two. They're paralegal classes and I'm actually enjoying myself quite a bit! Funny story, though: At the beginning of week one I made my reading schedule for that week. I divided all the reading up evenly between Monday-Friday and planned to take my test and do the other couple of assignments on Saturday. I told my mom about my plan and she helpfully reminded me that we were going to laser tag with our youth group that Saturday. Each week starts on Monday and that weeks assignments are due on the following Sunday by midnight. We didn't have church Sunday night, so I decided to do it then in between Sunday morning service and praise team practice. I worked from 2:00-3:50 pm and then from 6:00-11:00 pm. I barely got it sent in on time. Mom said if I could do that much that fast I could do anything this course threw at meXD

I STARTED POSTING ON WATTPAD! You can find me by searching my username, AWriterWrites or by searching my first story, Emphasize on Real! I'll be posting, at the very least, monthly, but I'm trying to post weekly with a week off every now and then.

Mom and I redecorated my room!! We've still got the finishing touches to add, so no pictures yet, but they're coming soon!

Mom and I are starting a business! We're going to be representatives for Premiere Jewelry. We signed up and ordered all of our stuff! We had our training show and did pretty good! We already have a couple show booked for this month. Exciting stuff here, people!

We got me signed up for the homeschool graduation that I want to participate in and ordered all my invitations, cap and gown, and a few other things:) I designed my cap and just have to get the stuff to decorate it!:D It's finally setting in that I'm graduating in 5 months!

I don't think I forgot anything. January was one exciting month for me! I can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!


  1. Exciting stuff! I'll have to look you up on Wattpad when I have some spare time.

    1. Yes!:D I would love any and all feedback!:D

  2. Aw! Your January was much more productive than mine. Online college classes are such a great idea. But starting business is AMAZING. Congratulations. =D I've wanted to start a business but have no idea what I could do that's within my skillset.

    Ooo that's a coincidence, I made a Wattpad account just yesterday! I'm going to follow you and make sure I get round to reading the story soon. I've really fallen out of the habit of reading stories online. I won't be graduating yet - it'll be later for me because I took two gap years, but most of my friends graduated last summer. It's weird that they're finally out of the education system and are doing something for themselves!

    Really great post. I wish you luck with everything, and I'm going to try and remember to come back! If I forget you're welcome to come and find me, LOL. Sometimes I've just forgotten, with so many blogs to read and all that.

    1. HahaXD It was really productiveXD They've been great so far! Technically it's not "our business", but we're like sales representative, so close enoughXD

      Awesome!! I'll go follow you!! And I know the feelingXD My two best friends graduated last year! I cried at both graduationsXD Especially when my best friend did her Salutatorian speech and she thanked me and her cousin (my other best friend that graduated) for being there for her!

      Thank you for stopping in!:D I know what you meanXD I have like 30 that I follow, but I only read like 3 on a regular basis! I'll go check yours out!:D

    2. Like a franchise? My mum did something like that a while back! Instead of jewellery, it was... I think skincare products. Yeah... it didn't last.
      I get what you mean, it can be hard to keep up with blogs. I might need to hunt around for some tips.

    3. It's almost like an avon thing, but with jewelry. It's a little different, thoughXD It's hard to explainXD