Wednesday, January 28, 2015

17 Things I Don't Think You Know About Me

Let me start by saying Cait over at Paper Fury gets full credit for the idea for this post. She posted a 21 things you probably don't know about me post and asked for her readers to share things. I figured it would be easier to make a blog post than to post 17 things in the commentsXD

I chose 17 because I'm 17. If you know these things about me it's probably because you're either a creepy stalker or you know me (whether in real life or we're online friends);P

So, without further ado:

17 Things I Don't Think You Know About Me

1. I like hats. I own 3 fedoras, like 10 beanies, 5 saggy beanies, 2 baseball cap style hats, and four nicer hats with bills like a baseball cap. Fedoras are my favorite. 

2. I sing. And play piano. And guitar. I'm basically just a musical person. I play piano and sing (occasionally) in our church praise team and I sing in the church choir. I dabble in guitar. I know like 10 chords, 3 strumming patterns, and 1 picking patternXD 

3. I've owned a lot of animals in my life time. At least 5 fish, 10 different dogs, and at one point I had 6 hamsters. I have to tell that storyXD Me and my brother did a very amazing job at convincing my parents to let us each get a hamster. Seriously, we had it worked out where they only had to pay for the hamster itself, not the food or wood chips or toys or treats or environment or anything! We had graphs and I even made it a school project with charts and research and I was rather proud of myself.So we convinced them. My brother and I bought all the stuff and then we went to the local pet store to get our hamsters. Just a little background, this isn't a nice store. It looks like  dump from the outside and stinks horribly on the inside and it's all disorganized and everything, but the people are really nice and helpful so we like giving them our business. I told the lady I wanted a female, but made sure to stress that I DID NOT want a pregnant one. What happens? A couple weeks after we get it we figure out that it's pregnant. It had 5 babies. We sold 4 babies and the mother and I kept a baby. I also (right after the hamster died) got a pink beta fish and named it Calypso after the girl in Pirates of the Caribbean. We currently own a female mini poodle named Mitzie and a male Yorkie named Chesterfield, but we call him Chester. We love them:) Mitzie get her name because her she's got black fur, but her paws are white. My brother suggested Mittens, but I refused because Mittens sounded too much like a cats name to 3rd grader meXD So, dad came up with a name that was a compromise: Mitzie. I wanted to name Chester Jesse insteadXD We were deliberating on names the night before we went to get him and I suggested Jesse, but everyone else didn't like it. Dad came up with Chesterfield. I guess he's the dog namer of the familyXD I still say Chester looks like a Jesse.

4. I'm a bit of a fashionista. Now, don't take that as I like to keep up with the latest trends. Some trends I like, but some I hate. I'm big into leather and canvas jackets and combat boots. And plaid button downs. I basically dress like I'm gonna see someone important even if we're just running to walmartXD

5. I love thrift store shopping/antique store shopping/yard saleing. There's a town about an hour away with a ton of antique/thrift stores and we go there all the time! Even if I don't get anything it's fun to just go and look.

6. One of my ultimate (realistic) career goals is to work for the FBI in the White Collar division. Seriously, my dream is the chase some big name conman or heister or something and finally put them behind bars!

7. One of my ultimate (unrealistic) career goals is to be an actress. I know, I know, every girl dream of being an actress. I've held on to that dream for like 10 yearsXD

8. I don't want to go off to college. Call me crazy, but the idea doesn't really appeal to me.

9. I want to learn how to play the cello. I LOVE the cello and want to learn so bad! But I have no one to teach me.

10. I wrote a small book (like 7 pages) before I even knew how to write. I dictated it to my mom and she type it up. I even drew my own illustrationsXD I think I was in preschool or something. So I barely knew how to read.

11. I think I was born in the wrong decade. I should have been born in the 50s. That or medieval times. But only if I lived in the castle (whether as a cook, maid, or princessXD).

12. I have this weird fascination with England. Seriously, I've been obsessed since I was like in 2nd grade. I think it started after I watched Harry Potter for the first time when I heard them talk. I didn't do what most little kids would do and said they talked funny. Instead I tried mimicking it because I though it was cool and over the years I've perfected it.

13. I've never been to the beach. And I have no problems with that. Honestly, I don't think I would even get in the water. I don't get in the lake when we go, so I doubt I would get in the ocean.

14. I am not a sporty person. At all. I can't even hardly throw a freaking ball! Seriously! Definitely not a football. And when I try running I usually always hurt my ankle unless I
m wearing a certain type of shoes. I avoid sports at all costs.

15. When I was little (like around 7 all the way up to now) I was more interested in doing well in school and going to an ivy league college than being rich and famous. Yes, I did say I've wanted to be an actress for a long time, but I always said that if I seriously wanted to do that I would go to college first and get a degree to fall back on in case acting didn't work out. I still think that way.

16. I don't like surprises. At all. Like, not even surprise parties or when dad goes to the store and come back and surprises us with candy or something. I just don't like it.

17. I'm actually a pretty shy person. I don't really start conversations unless I have a question to ask or I know the person really well. That's only in person, though. Online I'm not really shy at all. And when I'm with my mom I'm not really that shy, When I'm with my mom we're kind of the life of the partyXD

Well, hopefully that was at least a little interestingXD If not, oh wellXD It was hard coming up with 17 facts about me, though. I always feel like I'm boring when I talk about myself.

I'd love to hear somethings about you guys!


  1. Okay . . . so I knew most of this about you, which makes me miss you. I liked our time as next door neighbors. :)

    I think it's super cool that you want to work for the FBI, btw. (Also, have you seen the show White Collar? It's one of my favorites.)

    1. I know!!DX I'm talking to mom about maybe meeting ya'll somewhere and doing something this summer!:D I liked our time as neighbors, too!:)

      White Collar is amazing!!!! We're on season 4!!:D We love it!!

  2. This is fabulous. I'm SO glad you stole it...hehe. xD Oh oh i am hopelessly shy and I do hope one day you get to play the cello. I nearly never play mine these days. :( I miss it, but I just haven't felt motivated at all. College never appealed to me either. I HATE surprises too.

    I love all that FBI stuff in books and movies, but I've heard it's ridiculously different in real life...hehe. I will stick to my movie versions and (secretly) rooting for the crooks. MY BAD. >.>

    1. Yay! I wasn't boring!XD I'm in the same funk with piano. I'm going to go to college for a criminology, but I'm going to go somewhere where I can drive back and forth every day instead of living on campus.

      I've heard the same. They also say on the website to be open to living anywhere. I'm wondering if that means in the world or in the US. I want to talk to someone eventually who works in the White Collar division and see what they have to say about it. You can root for fictional crooks, but if I join White Collar don't root for the bad guy I'm after, ok?;P

  3. The cello seems so cool! I think if I was going to learn any instrument (besides guitar and piano), I'd choose either the cello or violin. They both have such cool sounds! :D

    1. I watch these guys called the Piano Guys and one of them plays cello. That's what has me wanting to learnXD Violin is so pretty, too!!!

  4. =D You play instruments! I'm a musical person too. I stopped playing guitar in secondary school but I still like to sing. I love watching other people play the guitar, though. =D You have so many hats o_O I'd like to have that many, but because I have dreadlocks it can be hard to find a size that fits over my head properly.

    I used to think about being an actress when I was younger, but I'm not sure how I feel about the industry now. Plus, my experience in theatre to date hasn't been so good. O_O I know a lot of people who don't want to go to college, or even uni! And it kinda makes sense, with all these fees you have to pay. Might as well do something you'll enjoy that's worthwhile.

    Hahaha I'm not a sporty person either! I especially hate running. It feels like I'm slowly dying every time.

    That's so interesting what you said about surprises! I never thought about that before. Many people I know love surprises, and I don't mind them. I just stopped typing to think about all the surprises I've had in the last month. Quite a few. c: I live in London, but I often find myself more fascinated with the more rural parts of England. London can be a bit... meh.

    Heh, I hear that a lot from bloggers - that they are shy in real life but much more comfortable online. I guess it's a really common thing, maybe that's why so many bookworms are book bloggers. I'm... just neutral, I guess. I can be shy or bubbly depending on the situation. It was great to find out more about you! I joined Cait's 'bout this blogger linkup too, the post is... somewhere on my blog lol. Drowned by so many new posts.

    1. Awesome! Like I said, I don't play guitar much anymoreXD Hats are basically my favorite accessoryXD

      Yeah, if I became an actress I would be one of the ones banned from talk shows because I wouldn't be afraid to share my religious beliefsXD I'm going to go to college, but I'm going to keep it close where I can still live at home.

      Running is terrible for me unless I can take breaks and I have the right shoesXD

      HahaXD I hate themXD LONDON?! THAT'S SO COOL!!!! I WANT TO GO THERE SO BAD!!! And the rural parts, tooXD I love seeing pictures of the country in England:D

      Yeah, I can kind of be either or, but I'm more on the shy side when it comes to actual conversation. I can smile and say, "Hi, I'm Jordan!" and give instructions all day, but when it comes to actually talking (without a "script" of any sort) I'm shyXD

      I recognize your name! Is it just from the comments on Cait's blog or are you, by chance, a member of the Christian Teens forum on the NaNoWriMo sight?

  5. Wow. That's a GINORMOUS list of pets! And I thought that little story is amusing. I used to also think I was born in the wrong decade (but lately, not so much). And England! Oh lovely England! What I wouldn't do to visit that place.

    1. Yeah.....We had a lotXD Glad you liked it!
      Every "which decade should you have been born in" test I take I get the 50sXD Me too! It's my dream to go there!

  6. I can't imagine having that many pets! I've only ever had cats and now 2 dogs. I don't really care for having pets though. Too mush hair and attention seeking. XD

    Based on this list we should totally be blog friends. I adore the 50s. Sooo much more class! And England, what I wouldn't give to visit it! Surprises are pretty much the bane of my existence. I hate them. They make me terribly uncomfortable. And seriously, thrift shopping is a-mazing! I love it. I wish I could just thrift shop for a job. They should make that a thing...hmmm...

    Love your blog design by the way!

    1. Well, we have three puppies and two older dog nowXD The pups are very demandingXD

      That's awesome!!!!!!!!!!XD Yes, that should totally be a thingXD

      Thanks! It took forever for me to find one I liked that reflected meXD