Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm Back!

Hey guys, it's been a while! Life's been...well, it's been life. A little crazy, a little stressful, a little great. For months now I've been saying, "I need to blog!" and something else always demand my attention before I can post something. Today I said, "I am going to blog today." I'm finding that it works much better than saying I "need" to.

So, I got accepted to Colorado Christian University. People keep saying, "That's really far! It's in Colorado right?" To which I reply, "Yes, it's far, Duh, It's in Colorado. It is called Colorado Christian University. And I'm attending their online program. I never even have to set foot in Colorado." Isn't that amazing? I love online college. I'll be majoring in Criminal Justice with a focus on Criminology.

I also graduated in May! A whole year early. It was exciting. And terrifying. I attended a home school graduation in Searcy, AR. I was a certified paralegal before I even received my diploma. I'd been taking online paralegal classes since January. Last week I finished my last Advanced Paralegal final. I'll be getting the certificate soon.

I also got three new puppies. Ruby Jade was my graduation present. Sammy Dean was my mom's Mother's day present. River Rose is my "hey you've got a job and can pay for your own stuff now" present. I'm still paying for her. They're all little sweeties! Yorkies all under five pounds (River's actually not even three pounds).

I also got a job. I'm a paralegal's assistant at a local law firm. The extra money is nice!

I turn 18 in October. I am holding on to my childhood for dear life. I'm still stuck between wanting to be an adult and have an apartment and a career and all that and wanting to be a "kid" and watch Disney movies while curled up in my floral bedspread and never get up. And chocolate milk. And mac & cheese. I'm not giving those up either!

We went on a youth group trip to Eureka Springs to see the Passion Play and go to the Holy Land tour. It was so amazing!!

 Pictures and Selfies with Jesus!:D 

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