Friday, March 15, 2013

Summer Traditions, Spoiler Alerts, and Smileys!:)

My weekend started yesterday and I spent the better part of the day babysitting our friend's gorgeous baby girl:) With the help of my mom since it was my first time really babysitting:) I love kids:) Today was a good day, too:) It was the first warm day in a long time! It got up in the 70's!:) We spent most of the day outside:) I read on the back porch, we played crochet, grilled, and my headphones only left my ears for the short time it took us to eat:) Which we did outside:) I was second place in crochet after being dead last for half the game...which made me happy:) Peyton, not so much.  I'm currently reading Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter:) At first I thought she had the story progressing too quickly, then I realized why! It happened around page 100. !!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!
Kat gets conned! :O I know! I was shocked, too! After reading that I ran over to my mom to tell her!:) That's my way out of book reports since I'm home schooled:) I just tell her about what happens:) The we grilled bratwursts with grilled onions and green bell peppers:) Grilling in the summer is like a tradition for us:) We grill something every time daddy is off:) I also started my other Summer traditions: Listening to music as much a possible and wearing flip flops or going barefoot unless I absolutely cannot. So all in all it was a really good day:) I also realised that I like to punctuate my sentences with smiley faces instead of actual punctuation. That might be a bad habit. I've actually tried to do that when writing my book before! Now we're gonna sit down and watch tv:) There I go again with the smileys.


  1. WHAT??? I want Summer too! Can't wait to ditch my shoes. Miss you guys!

  2. Haha:) It's not exactly Summer yet, but it's getting close:) I so ditched them today!:) Except when we played crochet. I was scared of stepping on a thorn or something haha:) Miss ya'll too!