Thursday, March 28, 2013


It's sunshining!:)  And it's 61 degrees!:) So, I'm sitting inside blogging about the wonderful weather and wearing my new Anthem Lights Covers songs on my phone:) I haven an excuse though! Peyton is doing school, mom is helping, and I don't want to sit outside all by myself. Last summer we had some great friends to hang with next door:) Lydia from and her little brothers (three to be exact). One of things we did was exchange jokes:) Mostly blonde jokes:) Of course, we meant nothing of them! I'm just as blonde as any other girl, despite the fact that I have brown hair! But, most of them were hilarious! So, I wanted to share some of our favorites with you:)

1.  A blonde, brunette, and red head were running from the police. They found three barrels and jumped into them. The police came to the first one. "Ruff Ruff!" The brunette barked. They came to the second and the red head meowed. Finally, they came to the third one. "Potatoes!" The blonde said. (Sam, one of Lydia's brothers, told a different variation of this joke.)

2. A blonde was driving and hit a truck. The driver had her pull into an empty parking lot. He took a piece of chalk and drew a circle on the ground. He told her to stand it the circle and not to come out of it. Furious, the truck driver took a knife and slashed the tires of the blonde's car. He looked at her and she as smiling. He grabbed a hammer and started beating on her car. She was giggling. He was livid at this point so her broke all of her windows and keyed her car. By this time she was laughing hysterically. The truck driver asked her what was so funny. She replied, "When you weren't looking I stepped out of the circle three times!"
3. (This one's not really a blonde joke but still funny!) A man was sitting in a salon and a red head walked in. "Excuse me, how do you get your hair so red?" He asked. The red head ran her fingers through her hair and said, "It's natural." Next, a brunette walked in. He asked her the same question. Her answer was the same. Then, a green haired girl walked in. He, again, asked her this question. She wiped her nose with he hand and ran her fingers through her hair saying, "It's natural."

And now the grand finale! I heard this story yesterday! Yes, it is a true story about a blonde girl!

4. A blonde went grocery shopping wither her mother-in-law. They put the groceries in the back seat and her mother-in-law went in another place. The blonde decided to stay in the car. Not long later she heard a loud noise and felt a pain in her head. Reaching back to feel her head, she felt something squishy. She passed out. Someone came by the car and saw her. Thinking that she might be asleep they went in and did what they needed to do. When they came out they checked on her again. This time she was awake.
 "Are you ok?" They asked.
"No," she replied, "I've been shot in the head and I'm holding my brains in."
Frantically, they called 911 for her. The ambulance got there and had to break into her car because she refused to move her hands. Once they got in they mad her move her hands and laughed. In the heat a can of biscuits exploded and hit her in the head. The squishy thing that she felt was a biscuit stuck to her hair!

Those are just some of the ones we shared. If you have any funny jokes feel free to leave them in the comments below:)

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