Monday, April 22, 2013

Caution: Story In Progress

Alright, I have been wanting to write this blog post for a few days now, but I have had computer troubles, and just now got access to it:) We had to restore it to factory settings, but that's a whole different story. Point is, I have my laptop back!:) We have another computer, but I was too busy stressing over my computer to worry about using that one. So, finally, I am going to blog about my story!:) It's a novel, but it's just kind of weird for me to call it that. So, it's my story instead:) So, I'm going to talk about where the idea came from, a one-sentence description/synopsis, among other things:)

       The inspiration for this story actually came from a conversation I had with my parents. It went something like the following:
    Mom: I want to get some Winter Hardy Pansies for the flower beds.
    Me: What are those?
    Mom: It's a type of flower that blooms all year round. Even in the winter.
    Me: Cool!
    Dad: You know, when I was a kid we would call a scaredy cat or wimp a pansy. Yet that flower is probably one of the toughest flowers.

       And thus, my story was born.
One Sentence Synopsis:
       A fantasy full of family, friends, fights, fakes, and fearsome foes.

        Georgina Mirrian: She is the protagonist of the story. She's often called Georgie by friends and family, and George by her best friend, Amicus. She cares for her friends and doesn't let any of the boys do anything stupid unless she's there to bail them out.

Amicus Fortis: He is Georgie's best friend. They've know each other pretty much since birth, and it shows. He is very protective, and he doesn't want Georgie to do anything even remotely dangerous.
Gininae Mirrian: Often called Gin, he is Georgie's twin brother. Although he doesn't mind if Georgie does something dangerous, he doesn't let her do it without him. He has a wife and two small children that he cares for dearly and hates leaving.

Finnegan Birdle: He goes wherever Georgie and Gin go. He is like a lost puppy without them. He has a bit of an adventurous side, but won't give in to it unless he has someone to go with him.

Prince Demitri Lompere: He is the prince of the Northern Elf Kingdom. He often takes charge and bosses everyone around, without noticing. People say it's his rude uncle showing through in him.
       "Morning, Georgie! Sleep well?” My brother, Gininae, asked the next morning, stepping into the round kitchen.
      “Same as I always do,” I replied.
      “Isn’t it always?
      “It’ll get better, I promise.”
      “It’s been twenty-two years, Gin! When is it gonna get better?”
       “Ten-thirty in the morning and breakfast isn’t even cooking yet? What are you trying to do, starve me? Georgie, I’m very sad to live in a world where a man has to wait until lunch time to eat breakfast. Now when will I eat lunch?” Finn said, with a look of utter disgust.

       “You’re the only person I know who finds it surprising that a party is fun!"

      “G, my dear little friend, I’m going to do a little dance called The Dance With The Elves and I need a partner. You’re the only one here who knows it,” he said.
      “Aren’t I a bit short for that?”

      “Oh, come on, you’re not that much shorter than me, and we used to dance it all the time!”

      “We should make it to Dryadalumve this evening. Maybe even in time to snag some dinner!” Amicus announced. Finn perked up upon hearing this.
      “Don’t get your hopes up, Birdle! By that he means we might make it back before they throw out the leftovers. Which means cold food and hard bread,” I replied, laughing at the look on Finn’s face. He’s never had to eat anything cold unless it’s supposed to be cold. He’s quite spoiled, actually.
       “SH!” He said, in the middle of my sentence.
      “Amicus Fortis! You did not just-“
      “SH!” He interrupted again.

Ok, I'm gonna stop now:) Hope you enjoyed my little story post:) I don't really have a title. I've just been calling it "A Truly Mythical Story" since there are all mythical creatures in it:) It's just a title to save it under though. I haven't been able to think of a good one, so if anyone has any suggestions leave them in the comments. I've been dying to talk about it. Hope you all enjoyed it:)



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