Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013, The Year of Scary Happenings, in a List

Alright, people, this is my last post until next year :P Aren't New Year's puns awesome! This really is my last post in 2013, though, so I wanted to do something cool. It is kinds of cheesy, too. I'm going to make a list of all of the good things that happened this year! It probably won't be chronological.

2013 in a list
 (Come on, you guys had to know it would be a list)
- The year started with a Merlin addiction! Seriously! When the clock struck 12:01 we were watching Merlin! It was the very first BBC America show we had ever seen, and by the third episode we were all hopelessly addicted.
- On February 20, 2013, I wrote my first blog post. It was on my mom's birthday and I was watching The Wizard of Oz as I blogged. I've come a long way since then.

- I made several Blogger friends, as I lovingly call them! They are Cait and Mime, Caitria, and Jonnah! I've also met Jack Baillot since then!

-We went on vacation! I got to go to Lexington, KY, Petersburgh, KY, and Cincinnati, OH! Cincinnati is the farthest North I've ever been. I also got to ride a horse for the first time while in Lexington. I realized my love for it that day! Too bad there's no where to ride around here.

-We started visiting different churches. This was scary for me especially! I'm an introvert and for four years I hadn't met any new people or had a reason to try and make new friends. I also had been going to the same church for about eight years!

- We visited North 10th Street Baptist Church. We instantly fell in love with it! We knew way more people than we realized! Soon after, we joined.

- In August, I went on my first Youth Trip with the 10th Street youth group. I hadn't met hardly any of the people in the youth group and decided to get on a bus and ride a total of 4 hours on a bus with them! On top of that, we were going to a water park then Lambert's to eat! I was terrified (being an introvert and all) so I made two of my best friends tag along! I actually had a great time!

- In September, I started playing keyboard for the praise team at church. I had only played in front of people once! So, of course, I was scared (I'm beginning to see a pattern here)! But, I did great and I still play every Sunday! Praise Team practice on Sunday afternoons is pretty much the highlight of my week every week.

-In October, I was drafted into the church Christmas program. The director decided to film it instead of doing it live. That was a ton of fun! I played the teenage lead and the next month or so was extremely busy!

- Also in October, I turned 16! I still don't have a license (I've had bad experiences. They weren't my fault and were never serious, but I'm still scared), but I'm working on it!

-In November, we wrapped up filming the program. I also went to go see Thor 2! It was awesome!

-My honorary baby brother was born in November, too! We went to the hospital with our friends and mom, her pregnant friend, and I stayed up all night! And mom and I stayed up all of the next day! There were complications with our friend and the baby, but they were all soon taken care of! Now, I have the explain why I call the baby my honorary baby brother! Our friend doesn't want to have any more kids (she lost one last year and had tons of trouble with this one). So, she told me and my brother that we have to be Logan's (her new baby boy) brother and sister. My brother will let Logan call him Bubba, but I refuse to be called Sissy! It's because of a little inside joke between our family and Logan's family. I told Logan's mommy that I would be sis, big sis, J, JorJor, JoJo, but NOT Sissy. So, while he still can't talk, he's my honorary baby brother and I'm calling myself his honorary big sister!

-I met several new people through NaNoWriMo, which I did not win. Some of them are: PJ, AJ, Olivia, River, Andrew, Tame, Erin, Britt, Iris, Flame, Pendragon, Myth, and several other. Those are their forum names, btw.

- In December, we showed the Christmas program to the church and did our choir cantata, which I sang soprano in. Again, terrifying! But, both were a huge hit!

-We went to see the Hobbit 2! BEST MOVIE OF 2013!!!! I'm reading the book now because December 2014 is too far away!

- My honorary baby brother turned one month old! He also had his first sleepover! His mommy had to go to the hospital, and we had him for three days and two nights! Mom and I got almost no sleep. but, it was interesting! Practice for when I'm older, huh ;P

-We went to my grandma's for Christmas. It was fun!

-On Christmas day, I met my Australian step-cousins for the first time (again with the meeting new people! I honestly don't know how I managed!)! The younger one, Austin, and I talked pretty much the whole time they were at my grandma's house. What can I say, we had sixteen years to catch up on (we're both 16, and the other one, Dallas, is 17-18. I'm not entirely sure)!

-And now, on New Year's Eve, I sit here writing this post.

And there you have it! My year in a list! Looking back,  realize my year has been full of meeting new people and scary things. Both of which are definitely related!

If all goes well, you guys will be reading my next post on a fresh background! I'm revamping my blog for the new year!

Talk to you guys next year! ;P


  1. Yay! That sounds like a really awesome year for you! You've done a lot of non-introvert things this year, which is very impressive (I wouldn't have been able to do any of them). I play the piano for my church, and it freaks me out every. single. time. XD You have Aussie step-cousins? That's awesome. ^.^ And it's been great getting to know you this year, Jordan! You're so awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing the new design next year...!!!

    1. Well, when they're all forced upon you, you have to step up and try not to be too introverted! I'm very self-conscious and I didn't want anyone to think I was snobby, so I had to get over my fears! I'm very proud of myself for that!
      Yes, the Aussie step-cousins are positively awesome! Are all Aussies awesome? All five of the ones I've met (you and Mime, my two step-cousins, and their new step-mom) are awesome!
      AWWWEEE!!!! Thanks! It's been great getting to know you two as well! As I already said, you guys are awesome, too! I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys better!
      Well, there's an error thingy when I try to change it. That might have to wait!

  2. Happy New Year! Hope 2014 is utterly fantastic. =)

    1. P.S. Logan's pretty lucky to have you and Peyton ;)