Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book And Insanity Linkup Part 2

Ok, so here's the writer part of the linkup!

And the rules:
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(Remember: Answer these questions out of what you've written this year!)

1. How many books did you write this year? (Estimate your overall wordcount for us too!)
I didn't actually write a full book this year. I did write lots of short stories. I probably wrote a combined total of about 150,000 words. Not much, but I went through about four months where I had absolutely no motivation to write whatsoever.

 2. Which was your favourite to write?
So far, Midnight Run has been my favorite to write! It's set in 2015 and it's a sci-fi novel about time travelers! What's not to love?!

 3. Which was the hardest to write?
A Truly Mythical Story (that's my working title. I'll change it when I come up with something better) has been the hardest so far! I've been working on it for a little over a year and I just can't get it to work. I have about 30,000 words and can't get motivated to write any more of it.

 4. Tell us about you favourite Male Character you wrote this year!
That would be either Shaun Fields from Midnight Run, or Amicus Fortis from A Truly Mythical Story (that will be ATMS from now on)! Both of them are the main male characters.  Shaun is a caring person. Amicus is too, but on a much larger scale. Shaun only shows it in situations where he's going to lose someone he loves. Amicus shows it all of the time. Amicus is a fighter, where Shaun hates any kind of violence. Even when it's to save someone he loves. 

 5. And how about your favourite Female Character?
By far, that is Midnight Storm! She's a kick-butt kind of girl! She's not the "I'm so tough nothing can phase me" type, but she is a particularly strong girl. She's also a genius! She broke the code for time travel and invented a time travel machine! She also invented inter-time travel comms units! No matter where you are in time, the comms unit connects with the other person!

 6. Can you introduce us to some awesome sidekick(s)?
Finnegan Birdle, aka Finn, from ATMS! He's a very nervous/cautious person. He has several nervous ticks. A friend of mine said he reminded her of Pippin from The Lord Of The Rings. I'm not so sure I see it, though.
Also, Emmet and Eddie, aka the Twin Terrors. They are red-headed twins. Emmet is a total jokester and is always getting into trouble! Eddie is a bit softer and nicer. When he's hiding something, though, he becomes a jokester and trouble-maker like Emmet. He hides behind the jokes and snark.

 7. Any romances in your writing? Which couple didn't go together as expected?
In ATMS, I originally had Georgie, the FMC, and Finn together. I very quickly realized that wouldn't work. So, I put her with Amicus.
Shaun and Midnight are together in Midnight Run. They have a very close and mushy relationship, but there is a very good reason for that. Midnight is quite insecure, so Shaun has to show his love for her often.
Robyn and Emmet in MR are also together, but they don't like to admit it or show it. Mainly because Shaun is an overprotective brother bear when it comes to his twin sister.

 8. What's your favourite Pinterest Board for one of your books? Can we see some pics for the book they inspire?
I don't really have a pinterest board for my books. I just screenshot the pictures so I have them even if I don't have Wi-Fi. You can see pictures, though! I'll post them at the end to avoid formatting problems!
 9. What challenges did you compete in this year? (NaNos? Personal goals? Challenges run by
other blogs?) And how did you go?
NaNo. I got 25,020 words. I'm still happy about that! I also competed in the Go Teen Writer's 100 for 100 challenge. 100 words for 100 days! I completed it with a total of 34,176 words! Triple what I needed to get!

 10. Show us the full cast in pictures from one of your books.
Again, I'll post them at the end.

 11. Epic quote(s) you wrote?
“You think I’m scared? Go ahead, pull the trigger.” (This was said while a gun was pointed to Midnight's head in MR. All of the quotes will be from MR)
“My dear Midnight. You’ve grown up since the last time we saw each other.”
“Grown up? Me? I suppose I have. Having to run for my father for the last two years and being on my own must have changed me some, after all.”
 “Don’t you realize? I’ll get you in the end.”
 “You’ll have to pull that trigger for that to happen. I won’t go willingly any longer. I entered this world kicking and screaming, and I have no problem leaving this world the same way!”
“Do you really think you can win? Honestly darling, why are you fighting against the very force that created you?”
“Because I like to! Seriously, why do you think? It’s the principal of it. You locked me up for all of my life. I finally escape and get my own life, and you come along and try to ruin it all! Well, I’m not letting you do that anymore!”

 12. Last word from your manuscript(s)! Go!
Doesn't an go.

 13. First sentences from your manuscript(s)!
Cardiff and Is everything about you black, white, and red?

 14. Show us your favourite funny scene!
In this scene from ATMS, Georgie, her brother Gin, his wife Gwen, Finn, and Amicus are having breakfast. Ron and Willow are Gin's kids. The scene was inspired by my own fear and hatred of frogs.
I heard the kids out back squealing and laughing. Ron had frog and he was chasing Willow around with it. A few minutes later Willow came running into the house and jumped into Gin’s lap. Seconds later Ron ran into the kitchen and was holding the frog in Willow’s face. She was squealing and Gin was failing at getting frog. He finally grabbed it and then it jumped into the floor. Then things got chaotic. Gwen jumped onto the counter and kept yelling at Gin to get it and take it outside. I stood up in the chair and started yelling at the boys, who were trying to find the frog, telling them where it was going.
      “By the plant!” I yelled. Then,
      “Beside the broom!”
      “Now it is in front of the door!” But every time they would try to grab for it, it would jump away.
      “Oh, for the love of Pete! Would you boys just corner it and grab the thing! How in the world did you catch it anyway, Ron?” I asked.
      “I snuck up behind it and just grabbed it,” he said.
      “That is it!” The boys all yelled in unison.
      “Amicus, it is by that chair,” I said, pointing. Everyone got quiet as he snuck up behind the frog and grabbed it. Everyone shouted for victory! I opened the back door and Amicus came to it.
      “Here! You want it!” He stuck it in my face. I squealed and run to the opposite side of the room.
      “Amicus! That is what set the frog loose in the house! You better just put it outside and leave it there!” I warned.

 15. Show us a snippet of dialogue you're proud of.
Refer back to the dialogue I put under the epic quotes question.

 16. Tell us about some funny typos or writer-bloopers you've had this year!
I keep making the typo of Midinhgt instead of Midnight!

 17. What has writing taught you about yourself this year?
That I like a lot of action! And that I love snarky and funny characters.

 18. Best piece of writing advice you learnt this year?
Write the book that you would love to read.

 19. Anything big on the horizons for next year? Plans to query? Publish? Edit?
I want to finish and edit Midnight Run and possible query for an agent if I finish editing next year.

 20. Tell us a bit about a book you're super excited to write in 2014!
I'm planning on compiling a book full of medieval stories. Possibly writing some fairytale rewrites. I also want to write my own version of the King Arthur story. I may not get to all of them next year, but I want to try to.

Ok, for the cast of Midnight Run! Drum roll, please! *plays drum roll*

Karen Gillian (right) as Midnight! Give her blue eyes and not as much make up and there's Midnight!

Emma Watson (left) as Robyn! She is pretty much perfect for the part!

 Luke Benward (Right) as Shaun Fields. Maybe give him a couple years. He's 17 where Shaun is 21, so he's not the right age here, but in a couple years he'll be perfect!

David Henry (left) as a possible Jacory. I have two choices for Jac and I'm not sure who I like better.

Gregg Sulkin (right) as another possible Jac.

These guys are Max and Charlie Carver (left) I know absolutely nothing about them and I don't know what movies they've been in, but if you gave them red hair they would look like Emmet and Eddie. Emmet would be the taller one on the left, and Eddie would be the shorter one on the right.

Now, as for pictures that remind me of my story, all of them are on my phone and I can't post them right now, but I do have one picture that goes with a future scene I'm doing!

I'm going to do a pirate ship scene for the simple fact that Karen Gillian is in this picture and I cast her as Midnight! I was looking at pictures of her since she's who I picked, and I came across this one. Since Midnight's a time traveler I figured this would be perfect!

I have to go now! The impending ice storm and power outage is supposed to hit tonight and I have a few more last minute preparations to help me last a week without power.

I'm trying to come up with a catchy signature way to say bye, but since I haven't yet I'll just say bye.


  1. Eh. My lefts and rights are a little off due to the fact I didn't preview the post before I published it. Oh well, you guys get the idea.

  2. Congrats on finishing 100x100!! That is NOT an easy challenge. (You obviously rock.) And Amicus is such a cool name. Love it. Snarky and funny characters are just the best. Particularly if they're snarky and funny at the same time. Then it's just epicness all the way. ;)
    Thanks for linking up with us, Jordan!!! I loved reading this!

    1. It was hard! Believe it or not, Amicus is actually Latin for "A friend". His whole name, Amicus Fortis, is Latin for "Strong Friend" or something like that. I used a lot of Latin words in that story.
      They are the best! I sneak one into every novel just to spice things up!

  3. Time travel! That is cool! (And any character who can be compared to Pippin is going to be awesome.) Your stories sound really cool! I have trouble writing short stories--they're HARD! Good for you!

    1. I love time travel! I only recently became interested in it, but when I did I knew I had to write a book about it! Thanks! Short stories are a bit easier for me because I don't have to think of so much stuff that can happen to progress the plot! haha!

  4. Midnight Blue sounds like an awesome character! :D And, I LOVE EMMA WATSON!!!

    1. You mean Midnight Storm. Thanks!!:) Me too! She's an amazing actress!:)

    2. Lol, I meant Midnight Storm. She just reminded me of my character (Blue) so I got them mixed up. ;) ;P