Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NaNoWriMo Is Over!!

NaNoWriMo is officially over! I know I promised this post would be up three days ago, but I figured I deserved a break from any kind of writing!

I didn't write 50,000 words, but I'm still proud of myself for even trying! I got a total of 25,020 words! That beat last years word count!


To set his up, the foretold 'bay guys' have come for Jac. He fled to London like he was told to.

It was just getting dark and I decided to find a hotel. I called for a taxi and was just about to get in when I saw a flash of red hair and felt someone bump into me.
“Never mind,” I told the cab driver.
I checked my pocket, and sure enough, there was another letter.
 They’ve come for you, haven’t they? That’s why you’re here. Don’t worry. And don’t be afraid of the dark. No one will hurt you. I can assure you of that. Quite a few metaphorical bombs are about to be dropped on you, so brace yourself. Also, just remember, we won’t hurt you. We only want to help you.
      Now, walk into the tall, black building in front of you. Walk up to the front desk, and say: Time is not a straight line. I’ll come get you after that. 
 It will be fine,
Here Midnight is explaining time travel to Jac.
“Ok, explain to me again how this works?” They explained time travel to me yesterday, but I had no clue what they were talking about.
“Right now, just know that you set the date, time, and location on the wrist ark, synchronize it with whoever is going with you, and hit the red button,” Midnight explained as Robyn hit buttons on my wrist ark.
 “Kind of ironic that you hit the red button, isn’t it? Usually you hit the green button, and the red button does something bad.”
Here, Jac, Midnight, Shaun, and Robyn have take a trip to 1883 Paris to board the Orient Express!
I looked down at myself and notice that my clothes were changed. I was now wearing the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! I recognized it from pictures that Robyn had shown me during one of her time period obsessions.
 “Robyn! Did you put me in a ‘dodo’ suit?!” I complained. Everyone burst into laughter and wouldn’t tell me why. I assumed it was because of how I looked.
 “It’s a ‘ditto’ suit, Dumbo!” Robyn smacked my arm.
This is only a few paragraphs after the 'dodo' suit conversation!:)
“Robyn?” I asked.
 “Does Grandma Taylor know that you stole her drapes to make a dress?” I teased. Shaun and I laughed.
 “That was a good one!” He said.
 “No. I hope you don’t mind, boys, but I used camel hair to make your suits.”
 “Shaun and I stopped laughing abruptly. Surely she wouldn’t use the wool we were allergic to.
 “Hey, Jac, are you getting itchy, too?”
 “Sort of?” Our eyes bulged in horror.
  “Just kidding. That’ll teach you to mess with me, though!”
Alright, that's all you get for now. More snippets will be posted as I write, though:)
I'll probably post a few time over the next week because I'm doing a couple link ups!:)
Actually, forget I said that! It will probably be within the next few weeks! We are expecting an ice storm to hit tomorrow evening and they are saying that the power will probably go out. If the storm is anywhere near as bad as 2009, we'll be out of power for at least a week! If that happens, say a little prayer for my sanity! I'll try to post again today, or tomorrow before the ice hits!

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