Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm Thankful For.....


I just wanted to do a little post listing what I'm thankful for:)

1. God! Without him I would be nothing!
2. My family. They might drive me insane, but I love them.
3. My friends. All of the true, good friends came along about 4-5 years ago. Wow. Has it been that long? Victoria, Lana, Allison, and Lydia! We might not talk everyday, or see each other all the time, but they're my best friends!
4. My church! We haven't been going there for long, but they've treated us like family! I couldn't ask for a better church family!
5. Books! I think everyone agrees with me there! They offer the perfect escape from reality:)
6. Music. Whenever I'm in a bad mood or sad, listening to music makes me feel better. And, of course, you have to have it for jam sessions:)
7. Homeschool! I'm so thankful for homeschool! Without it I would be stuck in public school dealing with those people.
8. Writing! It provides me with the perfect outlet for my creative juices.
9. Piano. An hour at the piano can make my day so much better!
10. All of my second familes! That means the families of all of my friends:)
And last, but certainly not least:
11. My blogosphere friends!!!! You guys's posts and comments never fail to brighten my day!!

Well, that's all I had to say:) 
What are you guys thankful for?

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  1. Good list. =) Thankful for your friendship too!