Friday, November 1, 2013

Day One! And Meet Midnight!

Day one=complete! I have completed my assigned 1,667 words today, but I'll be writing more later. So, day one also = success:)

Now, I finally get to introduce my favorite character: Midnight Storm! She is my favorite of all the characters I've ever created! But don't tell them that. They're all rather jealous! Let's get to the introductions:)

Midnight Storm was originally Cynthia Storm. It's on her birth certificate and everything. But, when she ran away, she started going by a code name: Midnight Storm. She has bright red hair. It's a color that I like to call "Weasley Red" because it's that same color as their hair: Ginger:) It is kinky curly, shoulder-length, and ot's big. I've recently found that Alex Kingston's hair closely resembles Midnight's. He has light blue eyes that look exactly like the sun on a day with a clear sky. She wears a Scarlet red trench coat that was mid-thigh length, with skinny jeans tucked into black boots that almost reached her knees. She also wears a black fedora on occassion. She's a spunky, kick-tale kind of girl. She's also Shaun's girlfriend.

Now, for her backstory:)

Cynthia Storm's mother died when she was only 6 months old. After that, he father, Carl, swore that he would never lose his daughter. So, he built her a house that was totaly indestructible, created a prison-level security system to put in it, and built a twenty-foot wall all the way around the house. Cynthia never once set foot outside that wall. That is, not until she turned 18. When she turned 18 she went to her father and told him that she wanted to leave and do something with her life. He refused to let her. That night, she laid in the grass and looked at the stars. She said aloud, "I wish someone would come and recue me from this place." Two weeks later, Shaun appeared in her yard while her father was gone. He asked if anyone needed rescuing and she told him that he was two weeks late. She went with him and he took her to the Time Agency in London, England 2012. There, she started going by Midnight and became a Time Agent with Shaun. And they all lived happily ever after. NOT!

That's all, folks (brownie points to whoever got that reference. If you do, leave it in the comments:P)!

What do you guys think of Midnight:) Personally, I love her, but I'm biased, too:)

Now, for pictures! Here are a couple of possible Midnights:

This girl is a bit young, and a bit pale, but the hair and eye color are almost perfect!

This is Alex Kingston! Hair color, and just about everything else is not right, but the hair style is perfect!

This is a young version of Midnight! This little girl is adorable!

Day two tomorrow! I'm ready!

See ya!!

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