Friday, November 15, 2013

Progress Report 2

Before I go any further, you guys should know that you should feel special! I should be writing right now, but I'm posting this while mentally kicking myself for not writing first.

As of yesterday, my total word count was 10,961 words. I'm behind by about 15,000. I know, that's a lot of catching up to do. I've been word warring though, and that helps!

Let me tell you a few things that happened this week that kept me busy enough that I couldn't write much:

       - We babysat continually from 3:00 Monday to 3:00 Wednesday.
       - I've had church, praise team practice, Christmas play filming, piano lessons, and Christmas Show Box packing to do this week.
       - I have a piano recital Sunday, so I've been practicing like crazy!
       - I've been super stuck with my story.

I know, I know, they're not really good reasons, but they are. Now, let me tell you things I've accomplished with the story in the last two days!

       -I got to the central action!
       - I wrote 6,000 words!
       - I finally introduced my FMC!!!
       - Three of the four MC's participated in an epic battle of skill, precision, and endurance. It's called a snowball fight.
       - The time frame went from Christmas to January 7th.
       - I got about 9 chapters!
       -I broke the 10,000 mark!

All of those things are pretty big for me!

Now for the snippets:)

In this scene, the three are outside riding horses.

“Snow!” Robyn and Shaun exclaimed in unison.
 “You know, sometimes you two can be just like kids. You’re not adults, your kids in adult bodies,” I teased.
 “I believe the term is being a “kid at heart” and I totally agree, Jac. But, I’m not about to change that. I perfectly enjoy it,” Shaun stated matter-of-factly.
      “Yep! Watching Disney movies, loving the toy stores, getting excited about snow, that’s us! We’re just not ready to grow up all the way,” Robyn agreed.
  “And there isn’t anything wrong with that. We just like to have fun, but we know how to be serious and mature when it counts.”
      “Like at work,” I offered.
“Yeah, we’re definitely mature and serious at work when we’re around all of our friends. Seriously, Jac, you’d think after knowing us for twenty years you would know better than that,” Robyn teased.
      “Yeah, and you’d think that after knowing you two for twenty years I would be able to tell the difference between you when you both dress the same and you put your hair in a hat. But, I don’t and I never will.” We all laughed at that. For years they’ve done that to me and they get me every time.
I this one, Shaun and Jac are talking about Jac's mom.
  Is your mom hosting the New Year’s Party again this year that she always does?”
“Yeah, and I have to come,” I rolled my eyes, “She wants me to come and meet the son of some corporate guy she knows. She wants me to get a job with the guy’s son. Apparently she’s not happy that I’m working the register at a shop, but I’m perfectly happy. She’s always been like that, though.”
  “You could always come work at my factory. We always have room for another janitor.” Shaun joked.
 “Yeah, I think I’ll pass.”
“Hey, it’s a corporation job! Our factory makes pencils that the Queen of England herself uses! Wouldn’t your mom he proud of that?” He asked sarcastically.
  “Oh, yeah, totally. She wouldn’t be able to wait to tell her friends that her son sweeps the factory that makes pencils that the queen uses!” We laughed.
This one needs no explanation!
I woke the next morning to the smell of bacon. There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of bacon.
I love this one.
I poked my head in the room that Shaun and Robyn shared. They were both still sleeping soundly. I flipped on the lights.
 “Hurry, get up! Dad’s about to leave without us!” I shouted.
Shaun shot up out of bed and Robyn grumbled.
 “Let him leave us. I’m sleeping.” She murmured.
  “Alright, then. I guess you won’t get any bacon.” I grinned.
 “Did somebody say ‘bacon’?” She jumped up and out of bed.
Her sandy blonde hair looked like she had just fixed it. The same could not be said for Shaun. His hair stuck out in every direction. They both had bags under their chocolate brown eyes.
I chuckled.
"Let’s go eat.” 
This is a scene from the snowball fight.
Then it happened. The one thing none of us ever thought would happen. Shaun got hit.
He fell down to the ground and gripped his chest, putting on a show for the kids.
“Robyn! I’m hit!”
“Robyn, get out of here. Save yourself.”
“No, Shaun. I’m not leaving you.”
“No, go!”
“I will avenge you!”
She looked at me and winked. She jumped up and shouted,
“Avengers Assemble!”
I stood next to her and we held our fists out in front of us.
“One,” she said.
“Two,” I replied.
“Three!” We yelled and threw everything we had at Dad and Uncle Arthur.
Again, so explanation.
By noon Robyn, Shaun, Dad, and I had said our goodbyes and loaded into Dad’s grey Mustang.
“How come every time I ride in this thing it’s too cold to put the top down?” Robyn asked no one in particular. She crossed her arms and pretended to pout.
This one's longer. It's from Shaun's POV and the men in the letter from the previous progress report have come for Jac. Jac is currently wandering around London. Now, I'm not explaining anything else so that I can avoid spoilers.
“I thought you said they would have come for him by now?” I asked Midnight. We were sitting in her office with Robyn while Midnight went over some work stuff.
“They already have,” a new, but not so new, voice said behind me. I turned, and sure enough, there was another Midnight standing behind me.
“He’s here in London now. It’s time for you to go to him, Midnight,” the second Midnight continued, “But remember, don’t let him see your face. He’ll remember it from New Year’s Eve.”
“I won’t. Don’t worry about that.” Midnight got up and put on her scarlet trench coat. And the other Midnight pressed a button on her watch and disappeared into thin air.
I grabbed Midnight’s arm before she could exit through the door.
“Are you sure about this?” I whispered just loud enough for her to hear.
“I have to. Time can’t be rewritten.”
“But what if the goons are who you think they are? What if they’re still following him? What if they see you? And what if they take you?”
“That’s a risk I have to take.”
I studied her face as if it were the last time I would ever see it. Her beautiful eyes were filled with sadness and they turned a darker shade of blue. Her lips were set in a frown. And in that moment, she looked  like she had aged ten years. She no longer looked twenty. I puller her close and held her there. Then, I let her go.
“Be careful.”
“Always am.” She smiled and squeezed my hand one last time before she walked through the door and left.
Robyn walked up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder. I turned and I hugged her, too.
“She’ll be fine.”
“She better be.”
That's a lot of snippets, but I was behind on them, too!
I'll soon catch up. I have to.
Are any of you doing NaNo? If so, how are you doing?
Until next time!


  1. No one should ever give up watching Disney movies, right?!! ;) Congrats on hitting 10K! Yaaaay! GO JORDAN!!!!

    1. NEVER! I can't wait for Frozen!:) Thanks! I think getting to the central action will really help me a lot in my word count!