Monday, November 25, 2013

Progress Report 3

Well, turns out progress reports weren't a very god idea. I always pick tv or piano over them. 

NaNo is killing me! GRR!! My total wordcount so far is a whopping 18,891 words-_- Stellar right? Why did I just say "stellar". It must have something to do with the fact that I just watched Teen Beach Movie. Most of it is set in a movie that's set in 1962, I think. It's all very confusing.

Seeing as I will not be able to reach 50K, my new goal is 20K. It beats last years record, so I'm happy with it! 

I had a very huge problem with my novel that I didn't realize I had until today. My problem was that I was trying to take one book and stretch it into two books. So, I was basically just writing filler words that had no significance whatsoever. I'm done with filler words. I will write them no more (kudos if you got that reference)!

I don't have any snippets for you this time, because I'm posting from my phone, not my computer.

By the way, I saw Thor 2!!! Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!!! It was A-MA-ZING!!!!!!! The ending was just-WOW!!! A bit confusing as to where loyalties lie, though. And the after credits!!!! Never leave a Marvel movie until all of the credits are over!! Spoilers! (Again kudos if you get that reference, too. Hint: they're from the same show)

I guess I better go now. Seeing as I'm supposed to be going to sleep. I'll post my final progress report on Sunday, after I have my final wordcount.

Later dudes. Again with the Teen beach Movie words.

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