Saturday, October 18, 2014

Meet The Character: Gwendolyn Scott

This is the third of my character intros. It's on my FMC, who just so happens to be my favorite character in the story. It will probably be the last one unless I decide to do one on my antagonist. Not sure what I'll do yet.

Name: Gwendolyn Hadley Scott
Age: 19
Hair: A short black bob haircut with purple streaks in the front
Eyes: Gunmetal blue
Occupation: Private Investigator

Meet Gwendolyn. Everyone calls her Gwen and she prefers it that way. Unless she's going by an alias. Which is 90% of the time if she's on a case. She never uses her real name on a case. She's a very troubled girl. Her parents died when she was ten. Her eighteen year old brother practically raised her. She got a job and moved out when she was seventeen, which is normal for teenagers in the year 2017. Her brother died just under a year later. Not many people take a nineteen year old private investigator seriously and Gwen hates that. She knows what she's doing and is very good at her job and wants people to respect her for that. She has the mentality that if other people want her respect than they need to give her a little respect as well. She pretty much scared of nothing. She also steers clear of people and doesn't like to get too close. She feels like she has a "death curse" because everyone she's every cared very much about has been taken away from her.

Her fashion sense is pretty much amazing! Like, I want her clothes.

Her hair is amazing! The streaks don't go all the way around. Just in the front.

Her basic style is shown in this pic and the one up there^ and the jacket.

                           The pantsuit (-->) is what she                            wears when she's trying to                                  look all official and stuff on a                            job.

She is also a movies buff, like Sammy. She and Sammy like to talk in quotes with each other. Once she learns how to be friends with him, anyway. She loves music and reading. She's also an amazing shot. Bulls-eye pretty much every time.

She's very snarky, witty, sarcastic, you get it.

 As you can tell, she's not afraid to hurt people feelings. Or to scare them.

 She avoids people at all costs, she likes to be her won boss, and she's in her own world. You definitely don't tell her she's crazy.

 The one up above and the two to the sides are directed towards the antagonist. She really hates him. With good reason.

See why she's my favorite? That's not even counting the serious quotes! I figure ten quotes is enough, so I won't post any of the serious onesXD I think she's going to be amazing!:)

What do you guys think?


  1. She sounds awesome :D I love her hair ^^

    Also, you've been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award! :D

    1. Thanks:) I love it too!

      Ok! I'll get the post up sometime this week!:)