Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Haul 2014

It's that time of year! Tis' the season of Christmas haul posts from tons of blogger.

Here's most of the new crew all together. It's not all of it, Just the favorite (minus the gifts I get from my best friend's whom I haven't been able to get together with).

Pictured to the right is the Maze Runner DVD from my parents which I 200% loved! It was way better than I expected! To the left is a Frozen necklace and two bracelets from a friend and a pink cross necklace from my grandma.

<--That's what I like to call my "Cass Keychain" from my grandma and grandpa. When I opened it I looked at mom (who is also a Supernatural fan) and said, "A Cass keychain!!" And nail polish from my mom because I've been eyeballing the Sally Hansen fuzzy coat for a while and I love glitter polishXD

Ok, so, anyone who knows me knows Disney is the best thin ever in my eyesXD All the Disney stuff came form the same friend that bought me the Frozen necklace. I love it all!! Disney and snow globes are 2 of my favorite things and those two things combined are the best everXD

LOOK AT THE PRETTY VANS!!!!!!!! I am officially part of the Vans club in my youth groupXD There are three of usXD These are my first pair and I've already bought a second pairXD Those, the comforter, and the 28" Vizio Smart TV are from my parents. Would it been immature to put "#Love"?XD

This is something my grandpa picked out for me. It's made of paper beads! So cool!

Not pictured: 
-$40 worth of sonic cards (I love you Mom and DadXD But it'd swear you're trying to make me fatXD)
- Candy (like I said, my parents are trying to make me fatXD)
- $100 from my Aunt and Uncle (Ya'll are the best!) (even though you'll never see thisXD)
- $50 from my grandparents (same set that bought me all that stuff up thereXD)

I used some of the money for the nice, pretty boxed set of The Maze Runner series. The rest is going towards a completely redecorated room for myselfXD Mom and Dad bought the comforter, they're getting the paint, and dad's building me hanging box shelves. I just have to buy wall decor!!:D Pictures will be posted! I might even vlog;P Maybe. 

So, I know you guys are dying to spill it: What did you get for Christmas? DO you like my things (because I love it when people faun over my stuffXD)? And now, the burning question: should I vlog?


  1. Ooh, love the Peter Pan silhouette. And the shoes are CUTE.

    I got a bunch of dark chocolate, five books, a bookish t-shirt, a book mug, and book-shaped pillow. My family knows me well. xD

    1. I love them too! I opened the Peter Pan silhouette thing and got extremely too excitedXD

      Those sounds like awesome gifts! They do know you!XD

      And I just realized that my pictures are all messed up so my lefts and rights make no sense at allXD Excuse that any other readersXD